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If you have the talent or desire to expand your experience internationally, immediately join the UII International Mobility Program. International travel allows you to expand your network, improve your English language skills, and add perspective on things. Whether it’s a matter of cross culture understanding to increasing insight related to your studies and interests in academic studies.

In general, English proficiency is the key to joining the UII international Mobility program. “Partner universities with UII also require fluency in English. IELTS 6 or IBT with equivalent score. Or TOEFL ITP is also okay. They, several partner campuses, allow students to register with the TOEFL ITP,” said Nihlah Ilhami, Head of the International Mobility Division, UII on June 11, 2021 at the UII Communication Program International Teatime casual talk. Nihlah said that English language skills must be improved from now on if students plan to expand their experience abroad.

“At least you can try toefl ITP first. Because some partners still accept this, especially for short programs or ICT (International Credit Transfers),” explained Nihlah. “Especially our partners in Asia such as Malaysia and Thailand. Europe and Australia still require IELTS,” he said. Nihlah said, we can improve English language skills also use a relatively easy method using the Duolingo application, he said.

“If you are interested in registering for the IISMA (Indonesian International Study Mobility Awards) tomorrow, it is reported that the quota has been increased by the ministry. Try registering first. Then just test one of the IELTS or TOEFL ITP, “advises Nihlah. According Nihlah, students can also try an online test TOEFL free.” for a time normally allowed to be. And I’m sure you can do it, you’re still young, do it.

“Whatare the conditions for the program of international mobility ?

“Suppose such IISMA, programs carried out regularly every year, drawn by the Kemendikbud ristek. You first must have a passport,” said Nihlah. This condition is the most important first. “Even though this is a pandemic situation, a passport is still a requirement that you must have. You must have a GPA of 3 to join any program abroad. Because our partners require it,” he added. The next requirement is of course English, as evidenced by TOEFL or IELTS. The rest is self-readiness to recognize culture and exchange views in a globalized world. “We will learn about the local people there, the language, culture, and various experiences that are really very different,” he said.

How does this mobility program take place during a pandemic. “The majority of countries have closed visits, but don’t worry, there is always virtual mobility. But now we know that there are several countries that have opened their own countries, such as the Netherlands and South Korea,” said Nihlah. Some UII students have started to go for dual degree studies to several partner countries and have opened overseas visits. “That’s why we have partners in the Netherlands and South Korea. Our faculty students at FBE have made a mobility trip to South Korea yesterday, Alhamdulillah, and have arrived there safely,” he said.



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JIka kamu punya bakat atau keinginan untuk memperluas pengalaman di lingkup internasional, segera saja gabung di UII International Mobility Program. Perjalanan internasional memungkinkan kamu meluaskan jaringan, meningkatkan kemampuan bahasa inggris, hingga menambah perspektif tentang memandang suatu hal. Baik itu soal cross culture understanding hingga peningkatan wawasan yang berkaitan dengan studi dan minat kajian akademikmu.

Secara umum, kecakapan bahasa inggris adalah kunci mengikuti program UII international Mobility. “Partner university dengan UII juga mensyaratkan kelancaran berbahsa inggris. IELTS 6 atau IBT dengan skor setara. Atau TOEFL ITP juga boleh. Mereka, beberapa kampus mitra, mengijinkan mahasiswa untuk mendaftar dengan Toefl ITP,” Kata Nihlah Ilhami, Kepala Divisi International Mobility, UII pada 11 Juni 2021 di bincang santai Teatime Internasional Program Komunikasi UII. Nihlah mengatakan, kecakapan bahasa inggris mulai harus ditingkatkan sejak sekarang jika nantinya mahasiswa berencana meluaskan pengalaman di luar negeri.

“Minimal kamu bisa mencoba dulu toefl ITP. Karena beberapa partner masih menerima ini, terutama untuk short program atau ICT (International Credit Transfer,” jelas Nihlah. “Terutama partner kita di asia seperti Malaysia dan Thailand. Kalau eropa dan australia masih mensyaratkan IELTS,” katanya. Nihlah mengatakan, kita bisa meningkatkan kemampuan bahasa inggris juga menggunakancara yang relatif mudah denga pakai Duolingo, katanya.

“Kalau kalian tertarik untuk mendaftar IISMA (Indonesian International Study Mobility Awards) besok, kuotanya kabarnya ditambah oleh kementrian. Coba saja dulu daftar. Lalu tes saja salah satu dari IELTS atau TOEFL ITP,” saran Nihlah. Menurtu Nihlah, mahasiswa bisa coba juga tes online TOELF gratis. “Untuk beberapa kali biasanya boleh. Dan saya yakin kamu bisa melakukannya, kamu masih muda, lakukanlah.”

Apa saja sih syaratnya untuk mengikuti program international mobility?

“Misalkan seperti IISMA, program yang dilaksanakan reguler tiap tahun, dibuat oleh oleh kemendikbudristek. Kamu pertama harus punya paspor,” kata Nihlah. Syarat ini adalah pertama yang paling penting. “Meskioun ini situasi pandemi, paspor tetap syarat yang harus kamu miliki. Kamu harus punya IPK 3 untuk bergabung di program apapun ke luar negeri. Karena partner kita mensyaratkan itu,” imbuhnya. Syarat selanjutnya tentu bahasa inggris tadi, yang dibuktikan dengan TOEFL atau IELTS. Selebihnya adalah kesiapan diri untuk mengenali budaya dan bertukar pandangan di dunia global. “Kita akan belajar tentang local people di sana, bahasa, budaya, dan berbagai pengalaman yang sungguh sangat berbeda,” katanya.

Bagaimana program mobility ini berlangsung di masa pandemi. “Mayoritas negara menutup kunjungan, tapi tenang, selalu ada virtual mobility. Tapi sekarang kita tahu ada beberapa negara yang membuka negaranya, seperti belanda dan korea selatan,” kata Nihlah. Beberapa mahasiswa UII sudah mulai berangkat untuk studi dual degree ke beberapa negara yang bermitra dan telah membuka kunjungan luar negeri. “Itu kita punya partner di Belanda dan Korea Selatan, Mahasiswa fakultas kita di FBE sudah melakukan perjalanan mobility ke korea selatan kemarin Alhamdulilah, dan sudah sampai di sana dengan selamat,” katanya.


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Based on the latest news on Covid-19 cases in Indonesia. Until December 2020, there were nine thousand cases recorded, said the spokesperson of the Government of Yogyakarta Special Province. Therefore, some actions urge to do. UII also began to anticipate.

Hence, Fathul Wahid, The Rector of Universitas Islam Indonesia give an announcement on Wednesday (16/12). He state that the next semester learning is run online. It will begin in the academic year 2020/ 2021. Some courses such as medical therapy, clinical education, studios, and certain practicums of each faculty can be run offline. This was announced in the latest Circular of the Rector of UII.

Every courses must also pay attention to the health protocols if that are run offline. It is stated in the Regulation of the Rector of UII Number 10 of 2020. It is concerning Mitigation Guideline and the New Order of the UII Responding to the pandemic of Corona-virus Disease 2019 (Covid-19).

Likewise, Head of Communication Sciences Department of UII, Puji Hariyanti, also states that the Department of Communication Science is still running online lectures in the next semester. This aims to anticipate an increase Covid-19 cases.

Synchronous and Asynchronous Lecture System

“All courses are still being run online. It will start on March 1, 2021. We are still using various tools. Such as Zoom Meeting Application, Google Meet, teaching video, podcast on Spotify, Google classroom, WhatsApp and other applications,” said Puji on Tuesday (26/1). All the application integrated with Google Classroom as the core.

Some lecturers teach using Zoom for synchronous learning. Meanwhile, some others produce podcast audio, learning video, or giving assignments by WhatsApp Group for asynchronous learning. The use of several applications of the latter mentioned, aimed at minimizing the use of student’s internet quota.

As previously known, students of the Department of Communication Science came from various regions in Indonesia, even those in the remote area.

Back to Hariyanti, students can finish the courses that require practice such as Photography, Video Production, and others by using their respective smartphone cameras. Hence, students can fulfill their tasks without having to come to campus.

Whereas, the International Program of Communication (IPC) also conducts online lectures in the next semester. It will be the same as the previous semester since the pandemic. However, IPC UII is still postponing programs based on global mobility. This year in February and March 2021, IPC UII held a cultural exchange program and conducted online.

The IPC Secretary, Ida Nuraini Dewi K. N., who is also a Citizen Journalism Specialist,  said, “The requirement for graduation at IPC is to participate in one of the global mobility programs. So if students of IPC join a P2A program (Passage to Asean) or exchange program, it can meet their global mobility requirements.”


Author and Reporter: Sera Zahria, Internship Student of International Program of Communication, batch 2016

Editor: A. Pambudi W.



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Berdasarkan pemberitaan terbaru kasus Covid-19 di Indonesia. Hingga Desember 2020, masih ada sembilan ribu kasus tercatat, kata juru bicara Pemerintah Provinsi Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta. Oleh karena itu, beberapa tindakan mendesak untuk dilakukan. UII pun mulai melakukan antisipasi.

Demikian pengumuman Rektor Universitas Islam Indonesia Fathul Wahid pada Rabu (16/12). Ia menyatakan, pembelajaran semester depan dijalankan secara online. Peraturan tersebut berlaku pada tahun ajaran 2020/2021. Beberapa mata kuliah seperti terapi medik, pendidikan klinik, studio, dan praktikum tertentu dari masing-masing fakultas dapat dijalankan secara offline. Hal itu diumumkan dalam Surat Edaran Rektor UII terbaru.

Setiap kursus juga harus memperhatikan protokol kesehatan jika dijalankan secara offline. Hal tersebut tertuang dalam Peraturan PT Rektor UII Nomor 10 Tahun 2020. Hal itu terkait Pedoman Mitigasi dan Tatanan Baru UII Menyikapi Pandemi Virus Corona 2019 (Covid-19).

Senada dengan itu, Ketua Jurusan Ilmu Komunikasi UII, Puji Hariyanti, juga menyatakan Jurusan Ilmu Komunikasi masih menjalankan perkuliahan secara online pada semester depan. Hal tersebut bertujuan  mengantisipasi peningkatan kasus Covid-19.

Sistem Perkuliahan Sinkron dan Asinkron

“Semua mata kuliah masih dijalankan secara online. Ini akan dimulai pada 1 Maret 2021. Kami masih menggunakan berbagai alat. Seperti Aplikasi Zoom Meeting, Google Meet, video pengajaran, podcast di Spotify, Google classroom, WhatsApp, dan aplikasi lainnya,” kata Puji, Selasa (26/1).

Beberapa dosen mengajar menggunakan Zoom untuk pembelajaran sinkron. Sementara itu, ada yang memproduksi audio podcast, video pembelajaran, atau pemberian tugas oleh Grup WhatsApp dan semua terintegrasi dengan Google Classrom, untuk pembelajaran asynchronous. Penggunaan beberapa aplikasi yang disebutkan terakhir, bertujuan untuk meminimalisir penggunaan kuota internet mahasiswa.

Seperti diketahui sebelumnya, mahasiswa Jurusan Ilmu Komunikasi berasal dari berbagai daerah di Indonesia, bahkan hingga ke pelosok.

Kembali ke Hariyanti, mahasiswa dapat menyelesaikan mata kuliah yang membutuhkan praktek seperti Fotografi, Produksi Video, dan lainnya dengan menggunakan kamera ponsel pintar masing-masing. Sehingga mahasiswa dapat menyelesaikan tugasnya tanpa harus datang ke kampus.

Sedangkan International Program of Communication (IPC) juga menyelenggarakan perkuliahan online pada semester berikutnya. Ini masih sama seperti semester sebelumnya sejak pandemi bermula. Namun, IPC UII masih menunda program berbasis mobilitas global. Tahun ini di bulan Februari dan Maret 2021, IPC UII mengadakan program pertukaran budaya dan dilakukan secara online.

Sekretaris IPC UII, Ida Nuraini Dewi KN, yang juga merupakan Dosen Spesialis Jurnalisme Warga menyampaikan, “Syarat untuk lulus di IPC adalah mengikuti salah satu program mobilitas global. Jadi jika mahasiswa IPC bergabung di Program P2A (Passage to Asean) atau program pertukaran, itu dapat memenuhi persyaratan mobilitas global mereka.”


Penulis dan Reporter: Sera Zahria, Mahasiswa Magang Komunikasi Program Internasional, angkatan 2016

Penunting: A. Pambudi W.

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IP Programs During the Pandemic: Keeping Up with Strict Health Protocols. The Covid-19 pandemic has affected many activities, especially teaching activities in schools and colleges of higher education. The Universitas Islam Indonesia (UII) is no exception, which has set new rules for activities during the pandemic period. One example is the UII International Program (IP). Activities here comply with the rules by complying with the Rector’s Circular and government protocols during the pandemic.

IP UII has one of the excellent programs related to global mobility or international mobility. Through interviews with the Directorate of Partnerships / International Affairs Office (DK / KUI), Dian Utami, many programs of global mobility are  still possible to be implemented online. For example Summer Programs, Internships, Lecture Series, Web Seminars, Student Exchange, and Double Degree. Bridging Program in the form of the development of skills such as academic and learning skills training is also implemented in the form of online lectures. The form can be asynchronous or synchronous according to the Circular of the Rector of UII.


Some were postponed, some changes from offline to online

In the Communication Science Department, especially the International Program of Communication (IPC), activities related to global mobility such as the annual Passage to Asean (P2A) program and Student Exchange had to be postponed. Even though they had received offers to implement the P2A program virtually, the IPC still chose to postpone the P2A program. The delay is carried out indefinitely.

“We still hope that there will be an opportunity to get hands-on experience in the P2A program. By going directly abroad. So, currently we can only provide tell to students regarding the postponement of several programs,” said Ida Nuraini Dewi KN, as the IPC secretary.

Various interesting programs with international insight still continue, said this specialist lecturer in journalism and media studies. IPC programs implemented during the pandemic, among others is International Webinar held in May and Career Webinar held in August. There are also Teatime’s regular Talk Show and  Annual Workshop with the theme The Future of Globalization which was held last July.

The Annual Workshop invited Assoc. Prof. Dr. Huey Rong Chen from the Graduate School of Journalism, Chinese Culture University, Taiwan. Meanwhile, the Teatime Talk Show invited Zaki Habibi, a PhD candidate from Lund University, Sweden.

If usually the Annual Workshop is held offline and is open to IPC students and the public, then during the pandemic period the program must be transferred to online. Ida said, in general, several programs such as seminars would still be held even though they were online. Collaboration and research requiring face-to-face meetings and overseas trips where possible will be carried out online.

International Programs in Other Departments / Major

Similar conditions also occur in the International Relations Department. Activities related to global mobility cannot be carried out during the pandemic period. Karina Utami Dewi, as the Secretary of the International Program (IP) of International Relations (IR) Department confirmed this.

Even so, several programs that have been planned and will be implemented in the odd semester of 2020/2021. For example a visiting professor from NUS (National University of Singapore) who will teach in IP for 1 semester. Other programs include implementing IELTS simulations for all IP students and providing mentor academic facilities. Academic mentors are to assist IP students in implementing online learning.

During the pandemic period, the programs that can be implemented in the IP of IR Department vary. For example the Bridging Program and Inspiring Lecture with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. There are also several guest lectures from experts in various subjects in IP. These programs are carried out as usual. The only difference is the form of implementation which is done online.

Even so, the implementation of the program ran smoothly and in general IP students were able to participate well. “Of course there are technical barriers such as connections. This is because most of the IP students return to their hometown. Not all of them have stable internet connections there,” said Karina when interviewed via email.

UII Internationalization Globally 

Dian said that this is understandable during the pandemic period that many programs cannot be implemented as usual. Programs that cannot be implemented can be transferred to other programs. In essence, other activities have benefits and outcomes that support achieving UII Strategic Plan. Including increasing the internationalization of UII globally.

DK / KUI provides facilities in the form of services related to the initiation of new partners proposed by the Department or Faculty. Partners come from both industry, government, academia, and society. In addition, DK / KUI also continues to play a role in delivering information by publishing international activities within UII. Whether it’s mobility activities for lecturers, students, and students.


Author: Fitriana Ramadhany (Student of the Department of Communication Science UII – Internship for the International Program of Communication UII)

Editor: A. Pambudi W



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Pandemi Covid-19 telah mempengaruhi banyak aktivitas, terutama pada kegiatan mengajar di sekolah dan perguruan tinggi. Tak terkecuali Universitas Islam Indonesia (UII) yang menetapkan aturan baru pada kegiatan selama masa pandemi. Salah satu contohnya adalah International Program (IP) UII. Kegiatan-kegiatan di sini patuh pada aturan dengan mematuhi Surat Edaran Rektor dan kebijakan protokol pemerintah selama pandemi.

IP UII memiliki salah satu program unggulan yang berkaitan dengan global mobility atau mobilitas internasional. Melalui wawancara dengan Direktorat Kemitraan/Kantor Urusan Internasional (DK/KUI), Dian Utami, banyak program global mobility  masih memungkinkan untuk dilaksanakan secara daring. Misalnya Summer Program, Magang, Lecture Series, Seminar Web, Student Exchange, dan Double Degree. Kegiatan Bridging Program yang berupa pengembangan skill seperti ‘academic and learning skill training’ juga dilaksanakan dalam bentuk perkuliahan daring. Bentuknya bisa asinkron maupun sinkron sesuai dengan Surat Edaran Rektor UII.


Beberapa ditunda, Beberapa Konversi dari Luring ke Daring

Pada program studi Ilmu Komunikasi khususnya International Program of Communication (IPC), kegiatan yang berkaitan dengan global mobility seperti program tahunan Passage to Asean (P2A) dan Student Exchange harus ditunda. Meskipun telah mendapatkan penawaran untuk melaksanakan program P2A secara virtual, pihak IPC tetap memilih untuk menunda program P2A. Penundaan dilakukan hingga batas waktu yang tidak dapat ditentukan.

“Kami masih berharap nantinya akan ada kesempatan untuk mendapat pengalaman langsung di program P2A. Dengan pergi langsung ke luar negeri. Maka, saat ini kami cuma bisa memberikan pemahaman kepada mahasiswa terkait penundaan beberapa program,” ujar Ida Nuraini Dewi KN, selaku sekretaris IPC.

Beragam program menarik berwawasan internasional tetap berlanjut kata  Dosen Spesialis kajian Jurnalisme dan Media ini. Program-program IPC yang dilaksanakan selama pandemi antara lain International Webinar yang dilaksanakan pada bulan Mei dan Webinar Karir yang dilaksanakan pada bulan Agustus. Ada pula acara bincang-bincang rutin Teatime dan  Annual Workshop bertema The Future of Globalization yang dilaksanakan pada Juli lalu. Annual Workshop sempat mengundang Assoc. Prof. Dr. Huey Rong Chen dari Graduate School of Journalism, Chinese Culture University, Taiwan. Sedangkan Talk Show Teatime sempat mengundang Zaki Habibi, PhD kandidat dari Lund University, Swedia.

Apabila biasanya Annual Workshop dilaksanakan secara luring dan terbuka untuk mahasiswa IPC dan umum, maka selama masa pandemi program tersebut harus dialihkan ke media daring. Ida mengatakan, secara umum beberapa program seperti seminar tetap akan dilaksanakan meskipun secara daring. Kerjasama dan riset yang memerlukan pertemuan tatap muka dan perjalanan luar negeri pun apabila memungkinkan akan dilaksanakan secara daring.

Program internasional di Jurusan/ Prodi Lain

Kondisi serupa juga terjadi pada Program Studi Hubungan Internasional (HI) UII. Kegiatan yang berkaitan dengan global mobility tidak dapat dilaksanakan selama masa pandemi. Karina Utami Dewi, selaku Sekretaris Program Studi International Program (IP) Hubungan Internasional (HI) mengkonfirmasi hal tersebut. Meskipun begitu, beberapa program yang telah direncanakan dan akan dilaksanakan pada semester ganjil 2020/2021 tetap berlanjut. Contohnya visiting professor dari NUS (National University of Singapore) yang akan mengajar di IP selama 1 semester. Program lainnya misalnya pelaksanaan simulasi IELTS bagi seluruh mahasiswa IP dan  pemberian fasilitas akademik mentor. Akademik mentor adalah sebagai pendamping mahasiswa IP dalam melaksanakan pembelajaran daring.

Selama masa pandemi program yang dapat terlaksana di IP HI beragam. Misalnya Bridging Program dan Inspiring Lecture bersama Kementerian Luar Negeri. Ada juga beberapa kuliah tamu dari pakar di berbagai mata kuliah di IP. Program-program tersebut dilaksanakan seperti biasa. Bedanya hanya bentuk pelaksanaan yang dilakukan secara daring.

Meskipun begitu, pelaksanaan program berjalan dengan lancar dan secara umum mahasiswa IP dapat berpartisipasi dengan baik. “Tentu saja ada hambatan-hambatan teknis seperti koneksi. Sebab, sebagian besar mahasiswa IP pulang ke daerah masing-masing. Tidak semuanya memiliki koneksi internet yang stabil,” jawab Karina ketika diwawancara via surel.

Internasionalisasi UII Secara Global

Berkaitan dengan program-program yang tidak dapat terlaksana, Dian mengatakan hal tersebut adalah hal yang dapat dimaklumi selama masa pandemi. Program yang tidak dapat dilaksanakan dapat dialihkan ke program lain. Intinya aktivitas lainnya itu  memiliki kemanfaatan dan luaran yang mendukung pencapaian Rencana Strategis UII. Termasuk untuk peningkatan internasionalisasi UII secara global.

DK/KUI  memberikan fasilitas berupa layanan terkait inisiasi mitra baru yang diusulkan oleh Program Studi atau Fakultas. Mitranya berasal baik dari industri, pemerintah, akademisi, maupun masyarakat. Selain itu, DK/KUI juga terus berperan menyampaikan informasi dengan mempublikasikan aktivitas internasional di lingkungan UII. Baik itu kegiatan mobilitas untuk dosen, tenaga didik, maupun mahasiswa.


Penulis: Fitriana Ramadhany (Mahasiswa Jurusan Ilmu Komunikasi UII – Magang Program Internasional Jurusan Ilmu Komunikasi UII)

Editor: A. Pambudi W