Teatime #3: Critical Thinking is The Core of International Mindset

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On 10th July, 2020, Zaki Habibi was become the speaker. He said the Core of discussion that in the Teatime #3: Critical Thinking is The Core of International Mindset. He was the keyperson speaker of Teatime Talkshow about how the international mindset is important for the academic experiment. Student should learn and train their mindset to adapt the global academic world. In this third Teatime, the committee choose the title “Crash Landing on The Connected World”. Ida Nuraini Dewi KN, as the host, trying to interview Habibi what is the benefit of having an international mindset.

On that evening, Habibi aired his talks live from Lund, Sweden, and Ida the host from Jogja. This is what Habibi said with connected world. We can still connect, talk, discuss, and ‘meet’ each other because we are already connected with technology. Therefore, we can make a serious collaboration and get an international mindset easily than before.

Hence, because the importance by having this international mindset, student of higher institution like university or college is good to enrich it. Enrich their mindset and thinking with this international mindset. By knowing the international mindset, we can solve the global problem, even help others, and also finding the best way to face everyday live problem.

Critical Thinking is The Core of International Mindset

Then, What International Mindset Is?

Zaki said, “Critical Thinking is The Core of International Mindset.”

Ida, who also the lecturer specialist of journalism and media studies, ask him: what do you mean to think critically is the key of international mindset?

Based on Habibi’s thought, that study in higher education is also about trying to have a critical understanding about everything. “What you learn it is actually about this,” Habibi said. Habibi tell us that there are many issues that the world face now. “Big issues like food scarcity, climate change, racism and so on, even in positive way, the new development of cities, the new development of economy and so on, if we have have this kind of attitude of critical understanding,” Habibi answered.

It is actually put us, as a student in the higher education institution, “to see all what happen outside as something that its not taken for granted firstly,” Habibi continued. Secondly, he said,  that there would be something has historical context, it has a social, economical, and political context, beyond it. “and also its not always that i mean something happen in one place you can not just move back in other place and look it will be the same,” said he, who also an PhD candidate at Lund University, Sweden.

What Habibi want to say is as a student, it is important to undestand the context of something or problem. So you can, “find the substance, why this solution worked here, why this solution solve this particular problem,” Habibi said.

People is Different, So Understand the Difference

Habibi also tell us the story that he get before when he go overseas at Edith Cowan University at Perth, Australia. He said, when he get his master at Australia, he also get the different story.

“People is different, by understanding the difference, that we could understanding the context, understand why they behave like that. How we should behave, and how we should react back,” said he recalled the story  then.

Although, this international mindset, Habibi said, is not necessary have to be build in formal international institution. For example, “You can studying in any program, anywhere, any discipline, but this international mindset is getting more important thing with the current situation,” said he.

Ida and Habibi agreed that international mindset is not just about masterly the language. “It is not if you could understand the English well. If you could express an English language very well as close as native speaker, that is not enough,” said Habibi. Habibi, who also a lecturer of Visual Culture specialized, at Communication Science Department of Universitas Islam Indonesia, said mastering the language is not enough.

Habibi emphasize that International mindset is more about the way we understand the difference. “This mindset is the way how we understand the possibility to understand that people have their own problem.” said he. “The definition of International mindset is mastering the understanding,” Habibi said,“And the way our attitude to react to global problem, as our problem now or future,” He continued.