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​Hi guys, in a pandemic like this, what are you doing to fill your time?
On a typical day, of course you do online lectures, but when the weekend comes, what can we do?

Doing things that are fun at the same time can bring a lot of information might be tried as one answer.
How about attending a web seminar or what we often say with webinars. In a pandemic like this many institutions or media create webinars that can be followed by everyone and certainly free of charge.
Talking about the various webinars, on Saturday 16 May 2020 International Program Department of Communication Universitas Islam Indonesia held a webinar that raised the topic of Digital Marketing Strategy in Outbreak. The theme in this webinar topic is closely related to how to sustain business in a pandemic like this. Through this webinar we will find out more about the strategy of what to do in doing digital marketing.
This webinar is also part of the annual global seminar conducted by our study program and is intended for students who join the International Program.
The most important thing is, this webinar is free and open for the public.

So what are you waiting for, go register yourself now!
check out this video to watch the webinar’s documentation