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Stay connected with the latest news and information about various activities at the  Communication Science Department of Faculty of Social and Cultural Psychology, Universitas Islam Indonesia

The Unlimited Creativity 

Conditions with disabilities are still often seen as an obstacle to work. In fact, people with disabilities (diffable) is actually same as most people, have different abilities. They are not dis-able. Each person's ability can be honed with…

Best Practices and Model at three State Universities in Indonesia (2)

Previous article Click here Meanwhile, UIN Suka's experience is different. Prof. Iswandi said that the Communication major of UIN Yogya is the most popular major in PTAI in Indonesia. "Hundreds of applicants can register, but we can only…

Examining Best Practices in the Communication Studies: Models at The Three State Universities in Indonesia (1)

The development of studies on the history of tertiary institutions with the field of communication science in Indonesia has various features. Unpad, UIN, and even UGM have their own history and features. Not all of them come under a faculty…

Empower Each Other With Tie Dye (1)

Vadhiya Rahma Naisya started gathering some materials for tomorrow. She and five other fellow students of the Department of Communications UII held a community empowerment event in the Difabelzone Community, Pandak, Bantul last December, 2020.…

Empower Each Other With Tie Dye (2)

Previous Article Click Here According to Irene, members of the diffablezone community initially took part in batik activities at the Christian Foundation for Public Health (YAKKUM). One of the teachers was part of difabelzone.id. “In the…

Fasting Raises Human’s Degree Closer to Allah 

Siyamuromadon is the month in which man strengthens the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad to be a person who fears Allah swt. The command to fast in the month of Ramadan is said by Allah and is obligatory for all his servants. The month of Ramadan…

Global Talent: International Internship During Pandemic

Hello IPC friends !! This time we will discuss AIESEC again. Last week we discussed Global Volunteer at AIESEC UGM, now in this week's episode we will discuss Global Talent at AIESEC UGM. Oh yeah, before that our guest this time was Fadila…

Pameran Virtual di tengah Pandemi

Mahasiswa Komunikasi UII Program Internasional mengadakan Pameran Virtual untuk memenuhi tugasnya dari mata kuliah Produksi Media Kreatif. Output dari tugas mata kuliah ini berupa pameran yang terdiri dari 4 proyek dari 4 kelompok oleh angkatan…

Gain Global Experience Through International Volunteering (2)

Click Here For Reading The Previous Article The outgoing project will be carried out in the winter from December 2021 to January and February 2022. Furthermore, the incoming project will be carried out in winter also in 2022. Unfortunately,…





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