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Stay connected with the latest news and information about various activities at the  Communication Science Department of Faculty of Social and Cultural Psychology, Universitas Islam Indonesia

Commitment of All UII’s Journal Manager: DOAJ and Copernicus Index Immediately

Foreign writers consider many journals that have been indexed by DOAJ and Copernicus. Both are considered intermediate indexes at the international level. That was the experience of the Journal of Islamic Economics and Finance (JEKI) from…

Specify Your Journal to be Indexed by Scopus

The Criteria for journals you manage to be indexed by Scopus, it must be specific. However, getting your UII journal indexed by Scopus is not a matter of specific names, but of scope. Of course, consistent use of English is also a major requirement. "To…

Teatime 16th: Seeking For Unforgotten Experiences Through Being Intern

Teatime 16th edition will invite: Rini Asmiyati - Global Entrepreneur Returnee (Alumni of communication Science Department, batch 2015) The next International Program of Communication's Teatime Theme: Seeking For Unforgotten Experiences…

Google For Media:Strengthening Democracy through informed journalists and citizens - Webinar

Google for Media: Strengthening Democracy through informed journalists and citizens - Webinar Discuss with these Speaker: Wahyu Dhyatmika, Editor in Chief Majalah TEMPO and Sekretaris Jenderal AMSI (Asosisasi Media Siber Indonesia) Septiaji…

Tips Membangun Ekosistem Komunitas Film: Belajar dari Pengalaman Ade Hidayat di Kalimantan

Ekosistem film di Kalimantan belum berkembang dan bisa dibilang sama sekali tidak ada. Padahal Kalimantan memiliki harta cerita yang melimpah meski kurangnya wawasan mengenai ekosistem dan tradisi film. Itu dulu, sebelum Ade mulai merintis budaya…

Tips for Building a Film Community Ecosystem: Learning from Ade Hidayat's Experience in Kalimantan

The film ecosystem in Kalimantan is underdeveloped and arguably non-existent. In fact, Kalimantan has abundant storytelling despite the lack of insight into the ecosystem and film traditions. That was before Ade started pioneering the film culture…

Academic and Study Skill for IP Student 2020

In order to welcome all of you as the new IPC family, We present an event entitled Academic & Study Skill. This event is still included in the series of welcoming to the all of 2020 IPC students. This Academic & Study Skill event…

Teatime #14: Master Your Public Speaking Skills Now to Boost Your Confidence

Teatime 14th edition will invite: Nadia Wasta Utami - Lecturer of Departemen of Communication Science UII The next International Program of Communication’s Teatime Theme: Master Your Public Speaking Skills Now…

Getting to Know Department of Communication Science UII: Greeting for New 2020 Students

On Sept, 23, 2020 at 1 PM, the UII Communication Science Department welcomed new students of UII. Vadhiya as Host and Jiany as Co-Host accompanied this conversation via Zoom Meeting Conference Application. This event in particular will introduce…





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