Diversity of Ownership, Content, and Voices

Amir Effendi Siregar Forum (Forum Amir Effendi Siregar in Bahasa) is build to nurture and enrich the intellectual discourse of communication and media studies. This forum is also dedicated to Amir Effendi Siregar for living the spirit of the intellectual, media activist, and so founder of this Communication Science Department of Universitas Islam Indonesia. Since 2004, Amir Effendi Siregar has made a specialized studi of media management and journalism in Communication Science major. Siregar also the one who was very strong commitment to advocate the media/ press freedom, media democracy, and diversity on media content. The three key ideas of Siregar’s that always be found on his book and speech is: Diversity of Ownership of media, Diversity Of Content, and Diversity of Voices on Media. Siregar was died on 2018. Therefore, his colleagues, students, families, and activist held a lot of discussion, studies, and also writing about media and communication studies to continue his ideals.

Amir Effendi Siregar Corner Catalog

Amir Effendi Siregar CORNER (Pojok Amir Effendi Siregar in Bahasa) is a list of catalogue of Amir Effendi Siregar’s book of heritage. Students, researchers, lecturers, journalists, activists, and public can access these intellectual property. Many of those are Siregar’s writting and his concern on various theme: Student Press, Press, Broadcasting, Media and democracy, political economy of media, media and culture, and all of various communication studies. Please kindly surf to these list and find the greatest knowledge and intellectual property of Amir Effendi Siregar’s.

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