Tuition Fee Reduction and Covid-19 Mitigation 

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The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted all fronts—political, social, cultural, and economical. According to  Tempo, in the first five months of the coronavirus spreading in Indonesia, the Indonesian Ministry of Manpower recorded more than 3 million people as having experienced layoffs. Some of these also have an impact on UII student parents.

The Islamic University of Indonesia (UII) responded to this impact by providing tuition waivers. Undergraduate and diploma program students can access this fee waiver in the 2021/2022 school year. This cost reduction program is a form of UII’s adjustment to the pandemic.

Students can choose various types of waivers according to family conditions affected by Corona. There are four types of fee waivers. Starting from relief for students who are not affected, those affected are mild, moderate, to severe.

Severely impacted students can apply for a 25% tuition fee waiver. Students can also choose a 20% tuition fee reduction if they are moderately affected. At the same time, the remaining students can also choose a 15% waiver. Last but not least, students who are not affected by COVID-19 will be given a 10% reduction in tuition fees.

All active students will automatically be deducted 10% from the nominal bill for the first and second installments for the 2021/2022 academic year. For professional students, masters, and doctorates will be arranged by their respective administrators. Requests for additional assistance can be made via the UII Gateway website no later than July 21, 2021.


There is a file that the applicant must upload. First, scan the Identity Card (KTP) and Family Card (KK) of the insurer or the person who pays the tuition fee. If the insurance company has a tax ID Number, they must attach a scan of the Annual Tax Return (SPT). The applicant also needs to upload a scan of the insurance payslip before and during the pandemic.

Insurers also need to install a scan of the sub-district original income report for cost bearers who do not work formally. All the files mentioned above must be in PDF format. Students are asked to record the processing schedule. Verification and authorization will continue on 9-24 July 2021. After that, the authorization results will be announced on July 20, 2021. Students must make all payments on 27 July-24 August 2021.

Service for Covid-19 Self-isolating Student

Additional notes for FPSB UII students who are currently self-isolating in-home or boarding house in Jogja or outside Jogja, The FPSB COVID-19 Task Force Team asks you to fill in the following basic data to add you to the Whatsapp group. The FPSB COVID-19 Task Force Team will monitor the group during self-isolation and provide further information in the WhatsApp group.

“There are two groups, for students who currently live in Jogja and for the public. For the general group, students who live in Jogja or outside Jogja can follow it,” said Muhammad Novaliant, the FPSB UII COVID-19 Task Force (Faculty of Psychology and Socio-Cultural Sciences).

The FPSB Covid-19 Task Force team provided medicines and food for students living in Jogja. Each Head of the Department at FPSB UII will monitor The WhatsApp group. “Meanwhile, students outside Jogja can exchange information and support each other during the self-isolation period,” added Novaliant.

Students must fill out a form before joining the group. Photos and the name linked to the google account will be recorded when you upload the file and submit this form at the following link:

Also, due to COVID-19, all services are carried out online. Students can check UII’s Digital Communication Services During the COVID-19 Mitigation Period on the Department of Communication website.


Author/ Reporter: Erinna Zandra (Student of Department of Communications, Batch 2017, Student Intern at International Program at Department of Communications UII)

Editor: A. P. Wicaksono