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Nurturing Innovative Global Leaders


International program of communication educates students with a basic concept of “communication for empowerment”, where alumni is expected to not only be able to compete globally, but also be able to empower themselves and their communities in a climate of rapid and accelerating global change. This basic value directs learning in this program to three basic concepts, namely critical, innovative, and creative, based on theoretical and practical abilities, with a global perspective.


Graduates of the International Program Communication UII are communication science graduates who are able to become communication researchers, media developers or communication programs, who have the spirit of empowerment based on Islamic values, Indonesian culture, and global vision.

Professions or jobs that can be handled by alumni are lecturers, researchers, R & D staff, public relations, corporate communications, journalists, screenwriters, production houses, media planners, media entrepreneurs, and other related professions.


International Program Communication UII has four specific areas of interest, namely public relations, journalism, media studies, and creative media. This program is taken for 4 years (8 semesters), with a total credit of 144 credits. In each semester, students will take 20-24 credits, which are divided into 6-8 courses (one course weighs 3 credits). The main learning method is student centered learning which emphasizes the active participation of students in the learning process.


International Program (IP) is an international class which uses a foreign language (English) as the language of instruction. International Program in Communication UII has a variety of supporting activities designed to help students adapt learning environments in university and improve academic skills through matriculation program (Bridging Program) as well as series of Character Building Programs that aim to strengthen the students’ non-technical skills to be able to compete in global world (global leadership). IP UII students also have the opportunity to access international mobility activities with UII’s partner universities abroad, such as student exchanges, global experience, and more.

The advantage of this international program is that the global experience that each student will take at least once during the study period, for example in the form of student exchange, international internship, international community services, international research collaboration, international conferences, short courses, or other forms.

Another advantage is the formation of student character through the Character Building Program which consists of leadership training and briefing of additional materials through Bridging Programs, such as language skills, intercultural skills, and global networking.

In addition, the International Program Communication UII also has an annual program in the form of the “Annual Summer Program“, which collaborates with universities in ASEAN and in other countries. For the first year (2018), the program is titled “Passage to ASEAN Photography Workshop & Competition: Humanature in South East Asia (Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand)” in collaboration with Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM), Hatyai University, P2A and sponsored by Nikon.

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Teatime 16th: Seeking For Unforgotten Experiences Through Being Intern

Teatime 16th edition will invite: Rini Asmiyati - Global Entrepreneur Returnee (Alumni of communication Science Department, batch 2015) The next International Program of Communication's Teatime Theme: Seeking For Unforgotten Experiences…

Google For Media:Strengthening Democracy through informed journalists and citizens - Webinar

Google for Media: Strengthening Democracy through informed journalists and citizens - Webinar Discuss with these Speaker: Wahyu Dhyatmika, Editor in Chief Majalah TEMPO and Sekretaris Jenderal AMSI (Asosisasi Media Siber Indonesia) Septiaji…

Tips Membangun Ekosistem Komunitas Film: Belajar dari Pengalaman Ade Hidayat di Kalimantan

Ekosistem film di Kalimantan belum berkembang dan bisa dibilang sama sekali tidak ada. Padahal Kalimantan memiliki harta cerita yang melimpah meski kurangnya wawasan mengenai ekosistem dan tradisi film. Itu dulu, sebelum Ade mulai merintis budaya…

Academic and Study Skill for IP Student 2020

In order to welcome all of you as the new IPC family, We present an event entitled Academic & Study Skill. This event is still included in the series of welcoming to the all of 2020 IPC students. This Academic & Study Skill event…

Teatime #14: Master Your Public Speaking Skills Now to Boost Your Confidence

Teatime 14th edition will invite: Nadia Wasta Utami - Lecturer of Departemen of Communication Science UII The next International Program of Communication’s Teatime Theme: Master Your Public Speaking Skills Now…

Teatime 13th Edition: Talking about UII Learning Center Facilities that IPC Members Can Access

Teatime 13th edition will invite: Riefki Fajar Ganda Wiguna, M.Hum – Manager of UII Learning Center The next International Program of Communication’s Teatime Theme: Talking about UII Learning Center Facilities that IPC…

Teatime # 10: The Spirit of Orientation Period and the Experiences of Communication IP Students of UII

How is the experience of Communication IP class different from the regular class? What was the most memorable experience? Those are the questions that often arise. Responding to that question, Rasya and Daffa shared their experiences during…

Teatime #10: Semangat Masa Orientasi Serta Pengalaman Mahasiswa IP Komunikasi UII

Bagaimana perbedaan pengalaman kelas IP Komunikasi UII dengan kelas reguler? Apa pengalaman yang paling berkesan? Itulah pertanyaan-pertanyaan yang sering muncul. Merespon pertanyaan itu, Rasya dan Daffa berbagi pengalaman mereka selama kuliah…

Tea Time Episode #11: Get Acquainted with Bridging Program

In this digital era, cyberspace is increasingly crowded and massive. There is a lot of fake news circulating and it is becoming increasingly difficult to figure out which facts and opinions are. Therefore, to avoid fake news and unclear truth,…

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