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Nurturing Innovative Global Leaders


International program of communication educates students with a basic concept of “communication for empowerment”, where alumni is expected to not only be able to compete globally, but also be able to empower themselves and their communities in a climate of rapid and accelerating global change. This basic value directs learning in this program to three basic concepts, namely critical, innovative, and creative, based on theoretical and practical abilities, with a global perspective.


Graduates of the International Program Communication UII are communication science graduates who are able to become communication researchers, media developers or communication programs, who have the spirit of empowerment based on Islamic values, Indonesian culture, and global vision.

Professions or jobs that can be handled by alumni are lecturers, researchers, R & D staff, public relations, corporate communications, journalists, screenwriters, production houses, media planners, media entrepreneurs, and other related professions.


International Program Communication UII has four specific areas of interest, namely public relations, journalism, media studies, and creative media. This program is taken for 4 years (8 semesters), with a total credit of 144 credits. In each semester, students will take 20-24 credits, which are divided into 6-8 courses (one course weighs 3 credits). The main learning method is student centered learning which emphasizes the active participation of students in the learning process.


International Program (IP) is an international class which uses a foreign language (English) as the language of instruction. International Program in Communication UII has a variety of supporting activities designed to help students adapt learning environments in university and improve academic skills through matriculation program (Bridging Program) as well as series of Character Building Programs that aim to strengthen the students’ non-technical skills to be able to compete in global world (global leadership). IP UII students also have the opportunity to access international mobility activities with UII’s partner universities abroad, such as student exchanges, global experience, and more.

The advantage of this international program is that the global experience that each student will take at least once during the study period, for example in the form of student exchange, international internship, international community services, international research collaboration, international conferences, short courses, or other forms.

Another advantage is the formation of student character through the Character Building Program which consists of leadership training and briefing of additional materials through Bridging Programs, such as language skills, intercultural skills, and global networking.

In addition, the International Program Communication UII also has an annual program in the form of the “Annual Summer Program“, which collaborates with universities in ASEAN and in other countries. For the first year (2018), the program is titled “Passage to ASEAN Photography Workshop & Competition: Humanature in South East Asia (Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand)” in collaboration with Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM), Hatyai University, P2A and sponsored by Nikon.

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Stay connected with the latest news and information about various activities at the International Program of Communication Science Department of Faculty of Social and Cultural Psychology, Universitas Islam Indonesia


NADIM Monthly Discussion: Online Concert Space: K-Pop Online Space Liveness in Contextual Meaning

The music industry has been affected by the Covid-19 Pandemic. The pandemic in an unclear time frame makes the music industry have to make creative innovations to turn the wheels of their industry. The concept of digital concerts must be lived.…

Nadim Monthly Discussion: Empowerment Communication in Improving the Welfare of Rural Communities

The phenomenon of Tourism Villages is increasingly widespread. Especially in the Instagram age, now many people want to visit various Instagram-able places. In addition to healing from fatigue, it continues to exist in the virtual world by updating…

FPSB Milad: Mosque-Based Student and Community Development

This article is a follow-up article from this article, Imam Mujiono also, in his lecture, commented on how good the new FPCS UII Mosque was. The prayer room, which the Dean built at the end of the term of the Dean of FPSB UII, Fuad Nashori,…

FPCS UII Anniversary: ​​To Make Prayers Heard

Why do prayers often go unanswered? How to make it easier for prayers to have the possibility of being answered? These questions often arise in every human effort to pray to the divine. Sometimes people don't know when their prayers will be…

Menulis Buku Libatkan Kacamata Sejarah Kolonialisme

Menulis dan membahas sebuah problematika umat bisa dipandang dari berbagai sudut pandang. Tak ada pengkotak-kotakan ilmu. Jika ada, sejatinya pengkotak-kotakan ilmu itu warisan imperialisme belanda.  Bagus Riyono menceritakan, ulama-ulama…

Writing a Book Involving the view of Colonial History

Writing and discussing a problem with people can be viewed from various perspectives. There is no division of knowledge. If there is, in fact, the division of knowledge is a Dutch imperialism heritage.  Bagus Riyono said that the Indonesian…

Teatime: Merencanakan Acara Saat Pandemi

Terbayang keseruan menonton festival maupun konser yang selalu dihias dengan lampu gemerlap di beberapa titik dan dipadu dengan lampu remang berwarna warni di sudut lain. Ornamen unik menambah keriangan berkumpul bersama teman  dalam keramaian…

Teatime: Garap Skripsi Jangan Nunggu Mood

Berbincang tentang hari-hari semester akhir yang harus bergumul dengan penyelesaian dan penulisan tesis, hari-hari sepertinya bisa terasa sangat berat. Disiplin dan support system akan sangat membantu melalui hari yang penuh tekanan itu. Obrolan…

Teatime: Cerita Nadira Sebagai Awardee IISMA di Leeds University of UK (1)

Menjadi bagian dari IISMA (Indonesia International Student Mobility Award) Awardee adalah impian banyak mahasiswa Indonesia. Mendengarkan cerita perjalanan dan proses awardee saat kuliah di negeri orang akan meningkatkan gairah mereka untuk…

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Various activitis inside the fun learning of the International Program of Communication Science Department of Faculty of Social and Cultural Psychology, Universitas Islam Indonesia


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