PSDMA NADIM Discussion: Integrated Marketing Strategy for Traditional Markets during a Pandemic

Reading Time: 2 minutes

The fate of traditional markets has been underestimated. But the Perumda Pasaraya traditional market is just the opposite. However, after the pandemic, this market experienced a drastic decline. According to data from the Association of Indonesian Market Traders (APPSI), the sales turnover of traditional markets decreased by 35%. This condition makes traditional market managers must immediately make strategies to bring consumers back to the market.

The topic of the marketing strategy in this traditional market is research conducted by Amalia Nur Rachman. She is a Communication student in the Universitas Islam Indonesia (UII) class of 2017. On this occasion, Amalia shared her research results in a discussion held by the Center for Alternative Media Studies and Documentation (PSDMA) NADIM at the Department of Communications, UII on Thursday, July 29, 2021.

In her research entitled Strategy Integrated Marketing to Increase Shopping Enthusiasm at Traditional Markets, Amalia focuses on a traditional market in the Menteng area, Central Jakarta. The marketing strategy is not enough just to revitalize the market. But also carry out various more integrated marketing strategies.

Some of the elements used by Perumda Pasar Jaya are to promote by advertising both print and digital. Amalia explained some examples of advertising by way of promotional prints for paid advertising products, printing banners and posters. Meanwhile, digital promotion with a totem video wall for events to be held. In addition to these advertisements, Perumda Pasaraya also activates four official social media accounts to publish events that will be or have already been held.

Perumda Pasaraya also conducts personal selling and other promotions by organizing an event, shopping tourism year, basic food bazaars for local residents, providing discounts, coupons, gifts.

Corporate Social Responsibility (SCR) efforts are also carried out by the Public Relations (PR) of Perumda Pasaraya. Early Childhood Education Center for local residents and traders, assistance for disaster victims, MSME centers, atmospheric control machines to prolong the age of vegetables, onions and chillies, free health checks, giving masks, hand sanitisers, face shields and socialization of health protocols, building 40 food barns, and managing rubbish.