Make and Edit Creative Videos With Just a Smartphone

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Filmmaking is a job that requires teamwork. If we don’t have our qualified tools, we can invite other friends to the crowd. It is also possible that other friends will share not in tools but help in funding.

“So the production is not done by one person. For example, I have a good idea. Still, I don’t have a good gadget, so you can collaborate with friends who are of the same vision and idea,” said Bagoes Kresnawan, a speaker at the Workshop on How to make creative video content with gadgets on Friday, July 30, 2021. Ida Nuraini DKN, lecturer at International Program of Department of Communications, UII host the workshop live on Zoom.

The workshop, a series of events for the 2nd Inspirational Content Festival (FKI), is a regular competition event organised by Uniicoms TV, the first online TV at UII, belonging to the UII Communication Study Program.

According to Bagoes, it is essential to determine the goal first before producing a video work. This is even more important than determining the tool.

We can use any tool, even using Android. “If you want to create a work, you need to know what the goal is first, don’t think about the tools first. I often make videos and edit using Android. Not an iPhone,” said Bagoes, who is also a content creator and founder of the photo community @huntingpasarid.

Bagoes also suggested that content creators be more observant and intelligent in developing their potential. Don’t let ambition hinder your potential. In the past, Bagoes said, he had ambitions in bands, in music, “I almost dropped out of college. After graduating, I did a lot of work in video and photography. Why didn’t I study video since I was in college, for example, choosing to concentrate on broadcasting,” he said remembering his experience during the lecture at UII at Department of Communications. “Sometimes, this ambition closes out our potential,” said Bagoes.

Tips for Making Videos Using Mobile Phones

There are many tips that Bagoes shared in this workshop opportunity. For example, how to understand the types of shooting (type of shot). There are three types that many people commonly use. The first is the broad or wide type. “With this wide shot, the subject of this person, we can see anything around him. This type of shot can tell about this person and the profile around him,” said Bagoes.

Meanwhile, medium type shots are often used for social media. And the third type of shot is close up. This type of close up is focused on one thing, but the viewer doesn’t know the broad profile of the subject. The close-up type only provides the least amount of information. “But it’s the most intense and gives the impression of being intense and taking on a lot of expressions,” said Bagoes.

“If the type of shot is medium, this is the usual TikTok frame. Maybe my friends can practice it, and now you don’t only know the method, but also the theory and its name. There are many shots, but these three are common,” said Bagoes while showing examples of the videos he took and edited using his cellphone.

According to Bagoes, not only production but editing can also be done with a smartphone.

“So don’t worry, you can still make creative videos only with Android. Yes, Android, not even iPhone,” said Bagoes stressed.

The workshop, which was held via zoom and live youtube, started the FKI 2021 series. In addition to this workshop, there were two workshops and a video competition as well. Information about the competition can be seen on Instagram @uniicomstv.