Websites Need Not Only Content But Aesthetic Graphics

Reading Time: 2 minutes

 Graphic design of website content does not seem easy for some people. Moreover, it is carried out by staff who are not graphic design specialists, especially on the department’s website content, unit, or faculty. Ideally, the website as the vanguard and the first entrance to the UII institution should be designed with an attractive and artistic appearance. Not only need news and information content updates.

Based on that, UII’s Public Relations Division held an Online Workshop on Website Content Graphic Design on Tuesday, November 30, 2021. The speaker on that occasion was Rifda Sakina Anshori, who was previously the graphic design division within the UII Marketing Directorate. Rifda, who is also an alumnus of UII architecture, gave material on visual design techniques for website content using Corel Draw. After providing a conceptual introduction to the philosophy and tips of graphic design, Rifda also invited the participants to practice directly creating a website slider using the Corel Draw software step by step.

Ratna Permata Sari, Communications Lecturer at UII and Head of Public Relations at UII, said that digital displays are now inevitable in today’s digital era. “Mbak rifda will give stages of graphic design and basic concepts, especially color issues. Color is a bit sensitive; some say it is also subjective,” said Ratna opening online training for all website managers in UII.

“There are color guidelines. There are colors for the print medium. Some colors need to be considered according to the colors of UII. Ms. Rifda will later provide good reference images or cartoons to be used as design materials. Including being informed that this is paid or not,” added Ratna.

“How to maintain the website also requires budgeting at the leadership level. Even though it is not large, the leadership still has to budget for website maintenance,” Ratna hoped the leaders at the unit, department, and faculty level.

Ratna said this training aimed to achieve an attractive and attractive website appearance. “In addition to website design, we also need website maintenance and updating.”

Rifda, in her material, said that there are various types of people designing graphics. “It could be that he can design a website graphic but is less sensitive in taste. Or it could be the other way around,” said Rifda. This type is influenced by taste and ability. According to Rifda, taste is a designer’s compass, and ability is his vehicle.

The first type, for example, is that there are people who think their work is good when in fact, it is not. Both taste and ability are equally lacking. Another type is aware that his work is not good but cannot make it good. The third type is the execution of the design is good, but the result is not good. While the fourth, the work is good, and the aesthetic sense is interesting. “This is everyone’s dream designer,” said Rifda.

Rifda and the Public Relations Team also provide practice materials for designing sliders in Corel Draw. Practice starts from creating objects in Corel, determining colors, recognizing tools, cropping photos, selecting images, arranging stock images to update the website slider from time to time.