Uniicoms TV Produce a Gen-Z Taste Program

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“After this we will try other unique and extraordinary culinary of Surabaya, come on follow us,” said Annisa Putri Jiani and Nurul Diva Kautsar, host of Rasa-Rasa Program, a new program from Uniicoms TV, an online TV at the Universitas Islam Indonesia. Those persuasive sentences that are now everyday are always repeated repeatedly in the Uniicoms TV editing studio at Communication Science Department. The plan is, this show will be launched on Channel Uniicoms TV to welcomes new students. At present, Uniicoms TV is managed by the Communication Science Department Laboratory which is staffed by Communication Science Department teams, volunteers, and young, creative, energetic crews.

The average crew and activists are young people who have a variety of typical millennial ideas. But the difference is, young people at Uniicoms TV are not just millennial, popular, and young, but have a noble vision in each of their creative serving: empowering and inspiring. Yes, together to be empowered and inspiring. So naturally any program that is produced is the creation that invites the audience to be empowered and inspire.

Although culinary shows like this are already popular and many, Nurul Diva, Uniicoms TV’s Digital Public Relations, believes the culinary model nowadays is strong with a noble mission: empowering and inspiring. Nurul, who is also the presenter of the culinary program, said Uniicoms TV invites young people not to forget their cultural roots and traditions through a culinary program called “Rasa-Rasa”. According to him, it is time for an alternative TV program, in the midst of the spread of TV shows that do not educate, which also maintain traditional cultural heritage in today’s young generation. “In my view, the unique thing about eating here is that young man are few,” Nurul said, explaining the food stalls visited on the program.

On the occasion of this first episode, the Uniicoms TV Team brought up unique and unusual culinary in Surabaya such as Lontong Race with lentho, Rawon Pak Gendut, to Rawon Calculator. Rawon calculator, for example, is one of the culinary attractions that makes its audience stunned by its unique way in its warung, said Nurul Diva, from a production location in Surabaya on July 27, 2019. Check out its uniqueness on the Uniicoms Online TV channel.