Tips and Tricks to Get UII Scholarships 

Reading Time: 2 minutes

The Universitas Islam Indonesia has six scholarship programs to help students pay for college. Completeness of files and personal qualities well described in the motivation letter is key.

Apart from helping to reduce tuition fees, getting a full scholarship is a matter of pride. This teatime, February 25, 2022, presents Fikri Haikal Ramadhan, an International Program student at the Department of Communication Science at the Indonesian Islamic University, to discuss tips and tricks on getting a full scholarship at UII. This Haikal is one of the recipients of the Superior Santri scholarship. The event entitled ‘Tips and Tricks to become the Awardee of the UII Scholarship Santri‘ was guided by Arsila as the host.  

This scholarship is a one-of-a-kind scholarship that provides full support. This scholarship funds tuition and living expenses, as well as housing. The Featured Santri Scholarship aims to provide provisions for cadres of community leaders in the future. This scholarship also seeks to prepare students who are ready for concepts and ready for practice. PP UII Santri (UII Islamic Boarding School) is expected to be able to consolidate and integrate religion, science, and technology.

Haikal advised being careful in preparing files to apply for this scholarship. Make sure all of the files are included. Apart from that, writing essays in motivational letters. Haikal suggested that in writing, self-motivation as much as possible to show a strong character for self-improvement. “Intentions, intentions. Not just want to go to college for free or try. But we need it, and we are improving,” explained Haikal.

In building self-image in a motivation letter, we should show ourselves with some of the things we have achieved as proof of our quality. What dreams do you want to achieve, and how will those dreams be achieved? This can be related to the purpose of this scholarship program which will help participants achieve their dreams. “Not just canceling the obligation because we have received a scholarship, but how can we grow and improve ourselves while living it,” he added.

In addition to the Superior Santri scholarships, UII has several scholarship schemes that you can select according to students’ conditions, talents, and achievements. The scholarship is Art Athlete and Champion Scholarship, Dhuafa, Tahfidz Al Qur’an scholarship, Excellence Scholarship, and Scholarships For Foreign Students.