The Value of Time: Human Focus and Orientation

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Towards the end of 2020 #ngajikomunikasi this time raised the theme of Reflection End of 2020 guided by Subhan Afifi, Lecturer of Communication UII by presenting Dr. Harry B Santoso S.Kom, M.Kom (Lecturer, Faculty of Computer Science, University of Indonesia) in a routine study of #ngajikomunikasi on Saturday (12/12).

Harry explained, there are so many verses of God that are conveyed by oath. “Why God swears by something, it means that there is a sign to pay attention to. For example, for the sake of the masses, time,” he gave an example.

Harry quoted the opinion of the commentator, Imam Ibn Kathir. Ibn Kathir said, al ashr. Or, he said, see Jalalain’s tafsir, “Al Ashr is meant by the time or time of ashar. So there are two meanings. So al ashr is marked by human activity in which he can do good and evil. Why does man lose? Because he is too focused on the world. Except which focuses on the orientation of the hereafter, “he explained, quoting two books of tafsir Al quran surat al Ashr.

“Or try to study the Quran Surat An-Naaziat verse 46. When we are reminded by God through Surat An-Naaziat, life is only for a moment,” Harry asked looking at the letter. According to Harry, the letter explained that on the day when they saw the Day of Judgment, they felt that they had only lived in the world for a short time, in the afternoon or morning.

“It’s late in the afternoon even though the time for pious deeds is over. This is a warning of advice that is quite powerful if we ponder together,” said Harry.

Later, Harry invited the participants to conduct this online communication to study Al Quran Surat Al-Hasyr verse 18. “We are required to prepare provisions for piety. Umar reminded us, examine yourself before being examined, weigh yourself before being weighed,” said Harry. According to Harry, Umar ibn Khottob, a Caliph, the leader of the Muslims, at the time after the death of the Prophet Muhammad, gave advice to people to muhasabah (self -examination) and continue to improve themselves. “It’s about what we can do to weigh the scales of goodness. So it’s about self-reflection,” Harry said.

How to start a muhasabah? Imam Ghazali, Harry said, showed me how to start. Muhasabah can be started on obligatory deeds. Have the obligatory practice done correctly and correctly. “This becomes the key. Then we move on to other deeds. After that then meditate as the Qur’an says Surat Ali Imron verse 191. This is interesting. That some people do intend to recite dhikir, not just sitting, but even standing and lying down. Dzikir, remembering about the creation of the god of the universe. Always looking for wisdom, “he said giving tips.

Harry also quoted the Book of Ihya which revealed that thinking for a moment is better than worshiping for a year. “Think about how much worship we have done. Reflect on quite a few things about the purpose of our creation.