Teatime: Getting to know The International Program at Department of Communication UII

Reading Time: 2 minutes

International Communication Department program has been running since 2018. International programs are becoming increasingly important when the world is now interconnected. Now humans are no longer isolated by the state and nation, but have become global citizens. International competition and collaboration is a necessity. However, many students still feel that they do not have the English language skills to join the International Communication program.

The Teatime discussion this time, Saturday, August 20, 2021, talked about the International Program at Communications Department of the Univeritas Islam Indonesia (IPC UII). This discussion invited Ida Nuraini Dewi Kodrat Ningsih as Secretary of the International Program of Communication, UII. In this casual chat, they talked about how the lecture process at IPC is, what if you want to change the path from regular class to International class, what about international collaborations such as double degree, IPC UII student admissions, and other international activities at IPC UII.

Regarding lectures, IPC UII uses full English as an introduction to lectures. The same goes for assignments and exams. “Especially for lectures, if there are some students who find it difficult with full English, they can communicate with lecturers who are in charge of certain courses so that they use Indonesian on several occasions,” said Ida.

For some new students who are worried that they will not be able to participate in international programs, IPC UII provides a bridging program, which is a program that bridges students to adapt to learning through various academic preparations.

“There are special courses for new students so they can adapt, the program also includes how to write academically,” added Ida.

There was also Anggi, an IP Communication UII student who at first felt inferior because he felt his English skills were not good. But, after this program he lived, he was able to get used to it. In addition, he also saw that he was not alone, there were several other friends like him who were also still in the process of adapting to the English-academic nuance. “Over time I feel my ability to speak English has improved by itself.”