Teatime: Attracting Buyers with Copywriting

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Writing is not an easy matter. Moreover, writing so that many people buy and are interested in the products we sell. Writing for advertising content especially, can’t be too long, let alone convoluted. Advertising content must persuade people to at least stop viewing our products.

The key to reaching consumers is to write-copywriting eye catching, simple, and not long. It’s rare to start writing for an ad that can’t be arbitrary. “The main thing is research. We have to research first before writing for advertising,” said Nasuha Ali, copywriter at Zenius Education, on Friday (27/8/2021) on the talk show belonging to the International Program, Teatime, .

Nasuha Ali is currently working at edutech zenius. He is used to writing for the benefit of Zenius ad copywriting. Nasuha said that many of his creative and writing abilities were formed since college. “The crisis course is used once. IMC is also the key for me to work in the creative and marketing world. Academic writing is primarily the foundation for determining the structure of writing,” he said.

Are there steps to do copywriting?

“First, it depends on the brief. Copywriters and content writers are different. If a copywriter works in creative for ad text. It depends on the brief, graphic design, creative, and others,” said Nasuha. Especially the main step is research. Competitor research, reader segment research, then language determination and message research.

“Then we need to adjust what key message we want to highlight in the creative ad content,” explained Nasuha, who is also an alumni of UII at the Department of Communications. “The division of tasks in advertising production includes copywriters, graphic designers, or from the campaign section, as well as marketing,” Nasuha said, this team also considers brand voice, key messages, and aesthetic elements. “The point is teamwork,” he said.

Zenius, said Nasuha, is a technology-based education company. Online tutoring. “We provide a platform outside of school hours. Now, the teacher is there, you can live, you can immediately do practice questions until you try out,” he said, explaining Zenius’ profile.

A copywriter is a person who writes digital advertising content. The output provides an eye-catching, simple, and appropriate advertisement for the key message. “The difference is that if the content writer or SEO writer outputs long writing, more than 300 words, what if people see it, they immediately buy or click. Help sales (sales).”

This is very important for a copywriter, said Nasuha. “People nowadays rarely like to read long, so copywriters are important to write to reach more consumers in a short and digital way.”