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CCCMS 2024
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The Conference on Communication, Culture, and Media Studies (CCCMS) is back as an onsite event this year in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, from August 27th to 29th, 2024.

Our main theme, “hybrid,” addresses contemporary challenges within digital and environmental ecosystems. This theme explores the ‘nature-culture’ dichotomy, as discussed by Bruno Latour and Donna Haraway, and examines ‘cultural hybridity’ in post-colonial societies, as proposed by Homi Bhabha.

We welcome diverse interpretations of this theme, spanning from theoretical perspectives, various empirical cases, sites or area-based studies, media forms, communicative and cultural practices, to socio-cultural dynamics.

CCCMS invites papers from around the globe and across various disciplines, including communication and media studies, sociology of media/communication, media anthropology, philosophy, science and technology studies (STS), cultural studies, history of communication, strategic communications, and environmental communication. We look forward to your contributions.

Suggested topics include but are not limited to:

  • Nature–culture tension and relations
  • Historical perspectives on hybridity in communication and media
  • Communication and hybrid culture
  • Popular culture and hybrid media
  • Online-offline performances and its social implication
  • Environmental communication: the hybrid practices and the challenges
  • Communication, media and sustainability
  • Hybrid energy transformation and the media role
  • Hybrid technology in strategic communication
  • Hybridity on IMC (integrated marketing communication)
  • Communication, empowerment and hybridity
  • Social activism through and in hybrid societies
  • Digital journalism in hybrid newsroom and the keep-changing public values
  • Digital divide, hybrid technology and socially-engaged public
  • Posthuman and artificial intelligent (AI) studies
  • Film, multi-platforms viewing practices, and hybrid media
  • Visual culture and hybrid arts
  • Creative media ecosystem: hybrid media and the cultural production
  • Communicating space and place in cultural hybridity
  • The city: hybrid culture, creativity and urban commons
  • Crisis, risk, hazard and disaster in hybrid cultures
  • More-than-human perspective in understanding hybridity of culture

Best Regards,
Chair of 7th CCCMS 2024
Department of Communications
Universitas Islam Indonesia

More information: https://conference.communication.uii.ac.id/


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The Conferences on Communication, Culture and Media Studies (The 6th CCCMS 2022)
📢 Call For Papers

Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to invite you to participate in the Conferences on Communication, Culture and Media Studies (6th CCCMS 2022) which will be held virtually, June 14-15, 2022. It is organized by Department of Communications, Universitas Islam Indonesia, with the theme “Visualizing The Crisis.”

The spread of a pandemic is changing behavior, including the way we communicate with one another. The pandemic has accelerated communication technology. The use of visual aspect can simplify and speed up the delivery of the messages. The Covid 19 phenomenon was also followed by massive infodemic spread. Thus, the visual communication element does not only play a role in this period, but also the days after.

💡 Sub-themes:

1. Visual criticism in cyber culture
2. Environmental and Spatial issues in visual culture
3. Infodemic: an epidemic of information
4. Gender role and society
5. Visual Culture and religion
6. Visual leisure and tourism
7. Hegemony and popular culture
8. Political dynamic through visual media
9. Creative journalism
10. Digital strategi communication

🗓️ Important Dates:

• Deadline for abstract submission: March 15, 2022
• Notification of acceptance: March 30, 2022
• Full paper submission: April 19, 2022
• Registration due date: May 17, 2022
• Workshop date: June 13, 2022
• Conference date: June 14-15, 2022


📝 Publication:

• Asian Jurnal of Media dan Communication (AJMC)
• Jurnal Komunikasi Universitas Islam Indonesia (Accredited Sinta 2 by Ristekdikti)
• E-proceeding 6th Cccms 2022


🔎 For more information, please visit conference.communication.uii.ac.id
Abstract submission link: uii.id/cccms2022


Best Regards,
Chair of 6th CCCMS 2022
Department of Communications
Universitas Islam Indonesia