Music Topophilia: Jakarta Means for Wota

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Music Topophilia is music tourism that refers to a sense of love in a place through music. This happened to fans and JKT48, a sister group from Japan, AKB48. They are said to have changed the image of the city of Jakarta in the eyes of JKT48 fans who are often called Wota.

Initially, Wota thought of Jakarta as a city with a hard life. The emergence of JKT48 made Wota change his view of the city of Jakarta. Jakarta is now a friendly city. JKT48 contributed to this view, such as mentioning the name of the city in their song lyrics. This aspect is the main attraction for fans to watch JKT48 live in the theatre.

“Fans of JKT48 or Wota will only feel prosperous when they come to Jakarta and watch JKT48 live,” said Amey, the speaker in the discussion “Music Topophilia: The Meaning of Jakarta for JKT48 Fans” held by the Center for Alternative Media Studies and Documentation (PSDMA) Nadim Communication UII. The discussion was held on Thursday (17/6/2021), which was broadcast live by the first online TV at UII, Uniicoms TV.

 The meaning of Jakarta for Wota

Wota interpreting Jakarta as a friendly city cannot be separated from the role of his idol. JKT48 maintains good relations with fans, especially those who live outside Jakarta. The relationship that exists between fans and JKT48 is a new tourism practice. It includes several dimensions of activity. For example, attending the theatre, handshake, and concerts.

Watching theatre is the activity that Wota is most interested in. This is because the theatrical event has its own meaning for fans, so they like the city of Jakarta. In addition, fans can also get to know members other of the theatre which is held every day, so that the desire to continue watching the theatre arises.

Amey said that some fans even visited Jakarta just for activities idolizing (idolizing characters). According to Amey, in his research, he found that it is estimated that in a year, activities idols can do one to five times.

Idoling activities are one component of music tourism practice. The complete practice is to feel euphoric, enjoy songs while doing fanchant (songs or shouts from fans when their idols act on stage), and pay attention to the development of members. In addition, Wota is also waiting for announcements from JKT48 members regarding graduations, promotions and events that will be held next. They will follow things related to JKT48. In this discussion, Amey revealed that fans, both male and female, all melt accidentally while doing idols. They believe that the city of Jakarta is a pleasant city because they find what is not in their hometown.

Reporter/ Author: Nadia Sofiyanti (UII Communication Studies Student, 2017. Internship at PSDMA Nadim Communication UII)

Editor: AP Wicaksono