Klik18 Strengthen Photo Aesthetics with Semiotics

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Seeing the tendency of the current photo quality of students to be far from aesthetic, prioritizing sensation rather than aesthetics, Klik18 held a Photo Aesthetic workshop. This workshop was held on October, 15 2019 in collaboration with Hurray Photography. Hurray Photography in Plosokuning provides a place and room for Klik18. The activity was carried out by inviting three key speakers. They are Ardani Kresna, who talks about taste, sensory sensitivity, and also the semiotics of photographs (meaning). While Damar Sasongko, a professional photographer, and Dian Ananta talk a lot in the realm of street photography.

Participants who participated in this workshop varied. Starting from the class of 2012, until 2016. “But the majority is intended for the class of 2018 and 2019. In total there are approximately 60 participants who attended,” said Achmad Jais Mustafa, Deputy Chair of Klik18. The man who is more often called Jais, said the workshop was aimed at improving the quality of the work, and the results will be exhibited at the end of the year exhibition. “The practice of shooting with camera is done at the 2019’s Basic Training, then the output is at the exhibition plan on December 22 this year,” said Jais explained the year-end exhibition. According to Jais, this workshop is Klik18’s annual workshop and this is the only workshop that is separate from the exhibition.

According to Jais, Ardani can explain the meaning of the beauty of a photograph. After that the participants were invited and directed to photo genres. “Brother Dani was presenting the material with a very artistic way, he can describe what cannot be portrayed, sound photos in the morning, for example. Photos of fog forests, birds. His characters are fine art,” Jais said, describing about the workshop. The essence of Dani, said Jais, “How can we interpret what cannot be captured by photographs.”

Meanwhile, according to Ardani, the crew and photographer of Klik18 have been able to capture the concept in the photo, “The only that Klik18 Club do is execution. No more arguing,” Dani said as imitated by Jais. According to this man of Ternate,  not only sharing tricks, in this training members were also dissected. “There is reciprocity, crew of Klik18 also sharing experiences how to take photos as well,” said Jais. For example, Jais said as an example, there is a photo by Atta Rahmaputra. Atta takes a picture of the colorful fans which is children usually play. Look smoke around. when Atta was asked why, “I have no plans, Atta said,” said Jais. Dani’s comment on the photo which became an example of discussion, “This is an art, but what is the message. The message is not from the caption, but directly from the photo. So they already know the message without having to look at the caption.” as Jais said. “Take photo as a routine so that you know the character of your photos,” Ardani said then gave a message and tips to the members of Klik18 this time.

Photo: Marcellino Bima / Klik18