Increasing Journal Recognition in a Global Academic World

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Writing in international publications is a necessity for a lecturer. Writing, therefore, is also part of an effort to improve lecturers’ recognition in the global thinking arena. The more you write, the more readability possible. Moreover, this is done by lecturers and journal managers. Not only has he been recognized by the international academic community, but the reputation of the journal he manages has also received increased global recognition.

Therefore, the Journal Management Unit and Scientific Paper Publication of FPSB UII held a Journal Management Workshop under the title Strategy for Writing Reputable International Journals. The workshop was held by motivating and, at the same time, increase the knowledge of journal managers. The workshop also seeks to improve the ability of journal managers to write articles in reputable international journals. The event, held through a Zoom meeting, was attended by all journal managers at FPSB UII and several internal lecturers at FPSB UII.

Prof. Subandi, from Psychology UGM, was present as a resource person this time. He shared his experience through writing and penetrating reputable international journals. His experience to continue his studies abroad also seems to have contributed to his capability to stay in touch with the global academic world through international journals.

There are three main things discussed by Prof. Subandi on 12 November 2021 via Zoom. In this workshop session, the three main points are delivered. The first was how to write articles in reputable international journals. Whether writing international journal articles starts from searching for appropriate journals or from existing research or articles.

Then Second, the workshop discusses the main things that lecturers must consider in writing reputable international journals. All are based on Prof. Subandi’s experience as a doctor of psychology from UGM and a graduate of a university in Australia. Then, the third point discussed was how to choose a journal strategy to make it easier for the publication process.

Interestingly, apart from rational efforts to penetrate international journals, Prof. Subandi also admitted to making spiritual efforts. The effort, for example, is his routine of writing the Koran. “Yes, writing the Quran verse by verse. It became my routine, writing the Koran by hand,” he said.