Improving the Quality and Quantity of Education in an Orderly SPM

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 The performance of staff and all academics in an effort to improve quality is an important part of the realization of the university’s vision and mission. To see the form of staff and academic performance, good documentation is needed as evidence that their performance has actually been accomplished and achieved.

Quality audits and performance audits are the keys to sound, good and standard governance of study programs and laboratories. UII applies auditing standards based on MERCY OF GOD. This standard has become a measurable reference and a model benchmarking.

This reason was the background of the Quality Document Preparation Training conducted by UII Communication which was attended by UII Communication Study Program and Laboratory Staff on Monday (8/2) offline or offline. This workshop aims to improve the documentation system for quality assurance of the Study Program. The target is study program staff and laboratory staff of Department of Communication Science, UII.

In this workshop, the Quality Document Preparation Training presented the Head of the BPM Data Analysis Division / UII Quality Assurance Agency, Eliza Gustri Wahyuni, and Ahmad Nurozi as the Head of BPM Quality System Control Division. One of the things that Eliza underlined in this training was the formation of a quality culture in the work environment at UII. He said, “For the sake of a culture of superior quality, study program managers need to discipline and improve technical forms for validation, improve all forms. Discipline the administration of SPM (Quality Assurance Standards) documents.”

Eliza explained that all document preparation refers to SPM. “All documents implement SPM in the implementation of education at UII, so as to create a quality culture,” said Eliza.

The training this time explored and explained all the quality documents that the unit needed to compile. For example, how and what is a quality statement document, quality policy, quality objectives and plans, to examining key performance indicator documents, strategic planning and RKAT.

According to Desyatri Parawahyu, one of the UII Communication Laboratory staff, this workshop is useful for the continuity of archiving quality documents of the UII Communication Laboratory. In turn, neat filing will be followed by superior service quality to UII Communication students and partners, she said.

Sumekar Tanjung, Head of the UII Communication Laboratory, after participating in this training was very helpful in sorting and organizing the archives of study programs and laboratories. “So it is easier to identify documents, management is more organized for forms in administrative files that are tidier. It makes it easier to evaluate performance in the end,” she added.

On the other hand, this workshop is also useful for measuring the quality of educational services offered by UII. UII students and partners will feel the indirect impact of the quality of service and superior education.

“AMI (Internal Quality Audit) becomes an annual homework. So after this training, we know better. In the second workshop, if there is a problem, we can do another workshop to further finalize and internalize SPM in our daily performance,” said Desyatri.