How to Participate in UN Meeting Simulations

Reading Time: 2 minutes

There are many international events where you can try to develop skills, build self-confidence, and expand global networks in college. Model United Nations (MUN) is one of them. MUN is a simulation of the UN’s official assembly conference attended by school or university students. This MUN invites students from all over the world to introduce how the UN official assembly is conducted.

This Teatime chat event, Friday, 21 January 2022, was organized by the International Program of Communication at the Universitas Islam Indonesia (IPC UII). Teatime presented Rafif Sulthan. He is a 2017 UII Communication Department alumnus who has participated in the simulation of the UN meeting. Rafif, currently working as Digital Content Creator at Sport77, has participated in international MUN activities in Malaysia. He told how he joined and how he experienced the excitement of the activity.

In the registration process, he has to compete with thousands of candidates. In addition to filling out the registration form and preparing files, he should fulfill other requirements. He must also write an essay containing his motivation and background on his interest in participating in the MUN event.

During the registration process, participants were also asked to state their interest in being involved in representing themselves as a particular profession. On this occasion, Rafif chose to become a journalist by considering his competence. “In the end, I chose to be a journalist because it was relevant to my knowledge, Communication Studies. Let me know what to do, so I won’t get confused,” said Rafif.

Participants were also asked to choose what issues or topics they were interested in to later put together in a certain room and meeting according to the course of the official UN session. There are many themes proposed in the MUN in Malaysia. Among them are issues of humanity, health, economy, and social. “I chose humanitarian and social topics, especially discussing forest fires,” said Rafif, who was also assigned to write articles in English as a journalist at the UN MUN forum.