How to Create Platform-Based Media Content a la

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Hearing the word politics often drives young people away. Moreover, Generation Z, aged 20 to 30, is very indifferent to politics. However, what if politics is approached with an approach that is also being loved? Such as social media platforms Instagram and Tiktok. is currently carrying out this approach. Pinter Politik is an institution in which young people are trying to create a political news portal that also explores politics in a fresher style through platforms close to young people, said Alfin RIzky, the speaker on behalf of on November 5th, 2022, by Zoom meeting. 

In this expert lecture organized by The Communication Department of Universitas Islam Indonesia, Alfin Rizky, an assistant editor at, explained how this political news portal is run. This expert lecture is a routine lecture held by certain subjects by presenting experts, in this case, the political communication course taught by UII Communication Lecturers Narayana Mahendra Prastya and Dian Dwi Annisa. 

Determining Daily Topics

In the interactive expert lecture, the speaker, namely Alfin Rizky, presented how is run. On the sidelines of the presentation, students may ask questions about the material offered. Dian Dwi Anisa also asks the speaker about determining the daily topic. “How to determine ideas for brainstorming? Are you looking for topics that are currently trending, or do you have an agenda that you want to prioritize?” 

Alfin said that has two standards that are usually used in determining daily topics. The first is the themes that are currently viral. The second is to look for free issues relevant to political themes. “The theme currently going viral is quite sensitive for us because we have to be fast, while it is still going viral. Secondly, we also upload timeless news. Usually, the team is asked to think creatively and imaginatively, such as what if Majapahit had not collapsed? What will happen now? Topics like that become timeless topics.”

Determining the Platform 

According to different content, Grasshoppers have different depths as well as ranges. Other contents also have different containers used for publication. Media platforms also have characters that must be adapted to the topic. So, how does Pinterpolitik sort and determine the content on which platform to use?


Pinterpolitik uses Instagram social media to publish content that is currently viral and also requires infographics in it. “Because GI issues quickly change to other issues. And, usually it emphasizes graphics more,” said Alfin.


Pinterpolitik has several types of content uploaded on Youtube. Youtube is more flexible because the Youtube audience can access it anytime, and it doesn’t take time, so all kinds of content can be included on this channel. 


The TikTok platform prioritizes humanistic video content interspersed with certain sounds to add to the cinematic. This TikTok platform doesn’t only have to be viral because the algorithm will suck it up based on interest. And the platform that young people currently love. “We use this platform and learn from it to be closer to today’s young people,” said Alfin.