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The Covid-19 pandemic period has whipped up a change in the organizational culture at FPSB UII. The number of Covid-19 cases has also increased. If someone is exposed to Covid-19, just isolate the body, not their heart and soul. The soul should not be isolated, said Fuad Nashori, Dean of FPSB UII, opening and motivating employees on employee training at the FPSB UII on Monday (28/12).

In addition, Fuad Nashori also encouraged work to be based on wishing for good luck in the hereafter. Motivate your work with the right motivation. “Whoever hopes for good fortune in the hereafter, Allah will increase the luck in the world,” he said while presenting 17 Motivational Circles on the presentation screen.

This means that if work is based on spiritual motivation, your world mission will automatically be fulfilled. If you only work to find the world, it will be difficult to achieve what Allah has promised with the happiness of the hereafter.

On the second day, Fuad Nashori added, the importance of self-reflection. Reflection serves to keep a distance from yourself. “What we do is used as an object to be assessed and to be better at doing it.” According to Fuad, according to what the Prophet did while alone in the cave of hira, the Prophet received enlightenment from Allah SWT by reflecting in the cave of hira. Give yourself distance so you can see what you have done.

This employee training for two days (28-29 / 12), this also intends to discuss and evaluate year-end performance. The end of year evaluation is delivered by the divisions such as the presentation of achievements and evaluations by the Head of the SIM (information system management), General Division, Academic Administration and Finance Division. The presentation was also enriched by the elaboration of the targets that have been achieved, evaluation, and the 2021’s Work Program.

Putri Asriyani, a participant who is also the staff of the Nadim Center for Documentation and Alternative Media Studies (PSDMA) of Communication UII, said that this event could be a means of evaluation to further improve future plans.

In line with that, Yudi Winarto also has an opinion. “This training has given me new motivation to work in the midst of many constraints due to the pandemic that has hit. In addition, evaluation and exposure of achievements are important moments for future program reflection,” said Yudi Winarto, Staff of the Department of Communication Science, giving the impression that he had attended this training.

Even though the training was held offline, the committee still urged that the health protocol be carried out strictly. For those who feel sick, it is better to apply for permission to not attend this training. “We hope that the participants who attend are really in good health, if they are sick, please apply for permission not to attend the training,” appealed Mira Aliza Rachmawati, Deputy Dean I of FPSB UII, to the participants.

Reporting by Putri Asriyani

Photo by Widodo HP

Writer by A. Pambudi