Gain Global Experience Through International Volunteering (2)

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The outgoing project will be carried out in the winter from December 2021 to January and February 2022. Furthermore, the incoming project will be carried out in winter also in 2022. Unfortunately, during this pandemic AIESEC at UGM has not been able to carry out the outgoing project. However, AIESEC has implemented a Virtual Volunteer program which is held through the zoom meeting application. This Virtual Volunteer Program is called a Local Project.

Local Projects are implemented virtually for four weeks. This program discusses a workshop, especially on economics. This is because AIESEC at UGM runs SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) No.8: empowering the economy in the Yogyakarta region. This virtual activity is also filled with sharing sessions from partners from other countries. This sharing session is useful for obtaining experience and knowledge from other

This program, said Ardyaksa, is open to all young people in Yogyakarta. The process, before becoming outgoing or incoming volunteers, they will be trained first. They will get acquainted with other young people among the participants, and will learn how to make something so that they can market the results of their creativity / craft. “The goal is that the younger generation in Yogyakarta can support Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), move the wheels of the economy, develop leadership, and increase public awareness,” he added then.

Registration for this Local Project will open in April or May. The plan, AIESEC will carry out this project in July-June. According to Ardyaksa’s narrative, further information can be seen on AIESEC UGM social media on Instagram. “The only requirement is to collect a curriculum vitae / CV and the reasons why you want to take part in this program,” explained Ardyaksa, who is now also active as a Learning Representative at Widya Edu, a start-up company for an interactive online learning platform.

The purpose of making a CV is to see the background of the applicant. Curriculum vitae will be matched with applicants who have the same interests so they can collaborate.

Take it easy, this Local Project program will still provide training for those of you who register, because AIESEC UGM will monitor and control the activities that will be carried out during the program. AIESEC UGM will also take care of pre-project to post-project. By participating in the Local Project at AIESEC UGM, you will get unforgettable experiences, meet new friends, get sharing sessions from other countries, get to know the conditions of other countries, and much more.

Author and Reporter: Sera Zahria, Internship Student of Communication Department of UII, at International Program of Communication Department, Student Batch 2016

Editor: A. Pambudi W.