From Asikopti’s Special Meeting: Discussing the Independence Campus Policy and Big Datas

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More and more participants of Asikopti’s meeting was came and sign the attendance book. Since morning on Wednesday, February 12, 2020, participants representing Islamic univeersities institutions in Indonesia have gathered at the Auditorium of the Faculty of Psychology and Social and Cultural Sciences (FPSB) of the Islamic University of Indonesia (UII). In this event, they will hold discussions in the event entitled the Meeting of the Association of  Communication Science of Islamic Universities in Indonesia (Asikopti) tenure of 2019-2022. UII’s Communication Science Department was became the host after the Asikopti’s Congress was previously held by the Universitas Islam Bandung, Faculty of Communication Science.

The agenda, in addition to completing personnel and management arrangements, also discussed other plans. Such as plans for the management inauguration after Ramadan, and also urgent issues related to Islamic higher institutions, and plans to launch the Indonesian Association of Communication Studies Lecturer (Asdikom). Asdikom is the first initiative in Indonesia as a professional association specializing in the studies and professions of Communication Sciences lecturers in Indonesia.

Erik Setyawan, the new Chair of Asikopti from Fikom Universitas Islam Bandung (Unisba), said Asikopti needs to be the vanguard of Islamic higher education that brings mercy to the people and benefits to their association members. Communication Major that are incorporated can cooperate with each other to improve the quality of their programs. Asikopti’s members can network in terms of improving the quality of journals, the development of scientific studies and curriculum, research collaboration, especially in studies with Islamic values.

Bono Setyo, the previous chairman of Asikopti, also said that each member of Asikopti had their own strengths. There are professors and doctors who can inspire in collaboration and cooperation toimprove the quality of activities of each member. Each Asikopti’s member can exchange networks so that the Asikopti’s benefits are truly felt. There are much more potentials that can be collaborated and are important to be supported.

In the 2019-2022 tenure, the Chairperson and the board of Asikopti also planned several programs to increase the usefulness of Asikopti for the study of islamic values ​​and public nature. The Proposed program plans such as an international conference, Special Journal for Asikopti’s Members, Member database (including competencies in it), and the matter of moving the Asikopti secretariat to Unisba.