Creative and Inspirational Work Steps to Become a Creativepreneur

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Starting an entrepreneur should be based on research. Quality research in turn will determine the level of creativity and how inspiring the efforts we are engaged in. But that’s not enough. Entrepreneurs must know these four steps in order to become creative and inspiring entrepreneurs. Be a creativepreneur!

“There is still a big chance to start a business in the digital era, for example starting from dropshipper, resellers, and then increasing,” said Adhitya Maulana, MAHIR’s Chief Operation in the Studium General at the 26th Anniversary of FPSB UII on Thursday, April 15, 2021.

Maulana gave four (4) steps to be a creativepreneur in a general studium with the theme Creative and Inspirational Ways to Work last Thursday. This Studium General is the culmination of a series of 26th Anniversary of FPSB UII which takes the big theme of Being creative and productive in a disruptive era.

What are the steps to becoming a creativepreneur?

The first step, choose a business that pleases yourself. Maulana outlined the selection of important fields according to several favorable and profitable criteria. For example, according to hobby / interest, according to expertise, needed /on demand, and relying on research. Maulana underlined the culture of research so that what we offer and produce is always research based. “So, the business has valid data, not just ‘I think’ it will be sold,” said Maulana.

The second step is creative & innovative. After determining the line of business, the second step according to Adhitya Maulana, is a creative and innovative process. Creating a new business must be different. For example, a business that has never existed before but whose products or services have been researched are ‘market’ needs. Be the first (pioneers) and be different from other endeavors.

However, a creative business does not always have to be a new type of business. Even old businesses can be innovated according to the era or market segmentation. These businesses are usually old businesses that are innovated with different approaches and tailored to the segment market. For example, ojek driver services that were used conventionally are now being innovated using a new approach through the online motorcycle taxi application.

“Innovative and creatives bussines don’t always have to be new, but it can be with different development and approaches,” said Adhitya Maulana.

Meanwhile, the third step is to have a skill set. Opening a business does not have to have all the skills at once. At least, we can one by one learn some basic skills to support the business that we are going to run. Some of the main skills that must be possessed are technical, managerial, communication, marketing & sales, Creative skills & Critical thinking skills (mindmapping), and digital literacy.

Then is Creative Thinking as the fourth step. “This is 100% pure my experience,” said Maulana. The stage of looking for creative ideas to start a business turns out to be tricky. Easy because it’s trivial things that can be obtained just by chatting or imagining. It’s difficult because there may be many ideas that come up, making it difficult to choose which one and sometimes the fear of the product will sell or not. Then of course, they are also creative in finding capital and funding to enlarge the business, which is the key.