Communication Students Cover Disabled Athletes in In-depth TV Program

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How is the Presentation of the First Final Project in Communication which is created on In-Depth Coverage TV Program format?

Ivan Renaldi was the first student in the history of Communication Department on UII who worked on his Final Project in the form of an In-Depth Reporting TV Program. The issue is also unique, about the differently abled people (diffable) that are both athletes and students. The challenge is that he needs to explore the depth of emotional and chronic daily diffable that are the subject of his coverage. The approach is also unusual. This is something that is not easy to do. One can get caught up in the coverage of begging and selling the Diffable grief.

That is how Ivan felt when he underwent six months of in-depth news program production led by Journalism cluster specialist lecturer: R. Narayana Mahendra Prastya. At this time, Ivan had to present his work in the form of Screening Works as a stage in completing the Final Project. This Final Project Screening was held in the 3rd floor Audio Visual Communication Room on August 20, 2019. During the screening which was attended by dozens of participants, Ivan was publicly tested and trained directly to face a wide audience in presenting his work. In the end, the input, critics, and response from the audience of the screening of this work will be inputed to the revision of the initial work of this Final Project.

Actually, Ivan did not complete the final project project of this news video program smoothly. Ivan revealed at first he could not understand the sign language. He finally met and spoke with the teacher from a Diffable athlete who would be reported. The teacher advised him to speak slowly. “They can read mouth movements. If it’s difficult, I type the question. For the mentally retarded, I don’t interview them, because the communication is difficult, “Ivan answered when asked by Zakiyyah Ainun, one of the participants of the batch 2017 of Communication Department, about how to communicate with diffable subjects.

There are athletes with diffablity who are covered to take a sport that is not mainstream: bocce! Bocce is a sport that requires athletes to roll a ball almost bigger than a tennis ball towards the many colorful balls available a few meters away. If a rolled ball approaches or hits one of the target balls, then it is considered to be a winner and has a high value.

Screening the final project also requires students to invite ‘judges’ or commentators from professional circles. It functions as an expert view. That afternoon Rifqi Ardita, a journalist at, who was assigned the role of analyzing Ivan’s work. After the program began with the screening of Ivan’s video which lasted approximately 21 minutes, Rifqi was asked to comment on it both from a technical, ideas, point of view, until the concept of Ivan’s as the journalist.

According to Rifqi, who is daily at the at sports desk, diffable is an interesting issue. They can stir emotions. Unfortunately Ivan did not enter the emotional part. Ivan should be able to see how the expression, how the family constraints and others. “There are still minimal shoot of expression. It is the most important thing in the reportage. In addition, the tripod must not be forgotten. Technically the shooting must be improved, said Rifqi.

Whereas Bilal Prama, a 2015 Communication student, appreciated Ivan’s work as a new alternative in making the final project. The previous final project tended a lot to film and photo production. “This is only the final project. Can you explain the process, what should be done?” Bilal said while responding and asking.

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