Communication History Study: Indonesian Student Press Responds to the Press Needs 

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Responds to the Discussion  Amir Efendi Siregar Forum held by the NADIM Center for Communication Studies dan Alternative Media Documentation (PSDMA) UII Communication Science this time, Saturday, November 14, 2020, discussed the history of the Indonesian student press. If you want to look at the student press from the point of view of the media, maybe the student press is just a small part that contributes to reporting events. Especially in this day and age where we can easily find and receive any news through our devices.

But 2 or 3 decades ago, the student press had a strategic role in both social and political spheres. Wisnu Prasetya Utomo, lecturer at the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences UGM, traced the history of the student press in the AES Forum discussion this time. Wisnu explained how the student press brings enthusiasm that is not burdened by various political interests. This was important in response to political pressure during the reign of the New Order at that time.

It begins with the presentation of the article by Daniel Dhakidae, a Head of Research and Development for Kompas in 1977, who at that time was unsettled by the condition of the general press which was full of political pressure and even many public media were banned. Although he had not explicitly mentioned the press in the article published in the Prisma Journal in 1977, Dhakidae stated the need for an alternative press in an effort to voice the public interest.

Finally, Dhakidae’s anxiety which was written in the Prisma Journal entitled Press Freedom Nature Reserve was finally answered by the development of student press. student press was like life without a burden. Student press was not afraid of being banned, was not afraid of political pressure, or other political economy pressures in voicing the political conditions of the New Order.