Communication Department Team Welcomes the Re-Accreditation Assessors

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After making preparations on all fronts, finally arrived the awaited day. The Study Program has made several preparations such as document preparation, proof checking, and intensive routine coordination for the past one to two years. All UII Communication academics ranging from students, staff staff, to lecturers unite their hopes for re-accreditation to achieve its targets: A again.

On 10/7/2019 Communication UII welcomed the visit of two assessors from the National Accreditation Agency for Higher Education (BAN-PT) in the context of the Field Assessment (AL) Re-accreditation of the UII Communication Studies Program. The UII Communication Accreditation, which was due to expire in the coming August, will now be reviewed directly after previously the Forms of Study Team and Faculty Former Formers sent documents to BAN-PT. The document will in turn be checked, assessed, and integrated with other assessment components.

On this occasion two assessors were sent to check the evidence and documents prepared by the team. They are Prof. Dr. Hafied Cangara, M.Sc. and Dr. Irwansyah, S.Sos., MA. Both are well-known lecturers who have long been known in the world of communication science universities in Indonesia. For example, Prof. Dr. Hafied Cangara, M.Sc. is a professor from Hasanuddin University and author of frequently referenced books such as Environmental Communication, Political Communication, and Introduction to Communication Studies. Whereas Dr. Irwansyah, S.Sos., MA. is a graduate of the University of Hawaii at Manoa (UHM) Honolulu in the United States and a consultant on several campuses in Indonesia and central government agencies.

At the end of his visit, Prof. Dr. Hafied Cangara, M.Sc. and Dr. Irwansyah, S.Sos., MA. provide important messages for the development of the UII Communication Science study program. For example, Dr. Irwansyah said that it is very important that in the future all study programs in Indonesia can prioritize courses that have a vision of the future. “So it is not only the present vision, but also the future. Global vision is not necessarily the future, digital is the future,” he said. Dikti grant research also needs to be intensified. Dr. Irwansyah said that now lecturers have an easier opportunity to be able to and manage Dikti grants. Reportedly the criteria and requirements remain strict, but the reporting has eliminated the technical requirements that are counterproductive to the essence of higher education research.

Whereas Prof. Hafied actually reinforced that it was time for UII Communication Studies to advance to become a faculty equivalent to other campuses. More internationalization is also needed. There are also many developments achieved, he said, for example alumni who are now spread in national media, play a role in community empowerment, and also, “the students are good in the realm of practice seen during the day’s visitation. I was also interviewed with alumni who taking part in TVone, Detik, Pertamina and national institutions are very good, “he said. Please note, when the first accreditation of UII Communication was also Prof. Hafied is the assessor. So do not be surprised if he can compare and see the rapid development of UII Communication.