Broaden Your Insights by Taking a Cross-Country Journey at P2A

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Camera mastery is the most important thing for Communication major students. Photography projects that explore nature and humans will be easy to do if you have mastery over the tools. In addition, being good at observing natural phenomena is also one of the important skills when students majoring in communication are finally involved in a cross-country photography competition project.

Atha Ramaputra, one of the 2017 UII Communications students, said that as a Communications student, he was obliged to hone his photography skills nationally and internationally. Atha had the opportunity to participate in the Global Mobility program held by the International Program, UII Communications Department called P2A.

P2A stands for Passage to ASEAN. The first P2A theme was Human Nature Photography. At the Teatime Talkshow by IPC (International Program of Communication) UII, on January 14, 2022, Atha took the time to share her experiences of learning and interacting with students across countries, universities, and ethnic, racial, and religious lines.

Actually, what is Atha’s motive for joining P2A? So asked Arsila Khairunnisa, the host of Teatime at that time. Atha said she likes photography and videography. He is also curious about his photos when he took part in the P2A Passage to Asean in 2018. What kind of work will he get when he comes to Thailand and Malaysia.

Atha, currently undergoing an internship program as an Internal Communication Content Production at Kompas Gramedia (KG) Media in Kompas, said he had learned many things while participating in P2A. According to Atha, UII Communication students need to take part in P2A. Students cannot obtain many experiences only by interacting with fellow Indonesians.

Mainly, Atha said, she could learn about the cultures of Asian countries, “we can also share the daily life of each participant between countries. We can also practice our English,” said Atha. “We are also not ashamed. We Asians are still learning together because we are not native English. They also understand our vocabulary. P2A also makes us practice self-confidence,” he added later.

Atha said the activities took place in three countries. First, activities are centred in Indonesia. From UII, Atha and other participants from Malaysia (UUM Malaysia), and Thailand, were invited to live in the homes of residents around Borobudur and Puntuk Setumbu, Magelang. “My group consists of various groups from Thailand and Cambodia, and we are one group. We are sharing with the residents,” said Atha. After the trip to Indonesia, Atha and the participants turned to Malaysia and Thailand. On this trip to Asian countries, all P2A participants were asked to hone their photography skills. The photos taken by each participant will be assessed and entered in the P2A competition, which will later receive the main prize from sponsors such as Nikon Asia.

Atha shared many experiences in this talk show. Not only emotion but also the experience of losing his passport when he was in a neighbouring country. The moral value is always to be careful in faraway lands.