Pandemic Way: Branding and Marketing of Local Products with International Taste

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Branding and marketing local products are the key to successful sales during a pandemic. Covid-19 has indeed hit micro, small and medium enterprises. But other than that, collaboration is a new trick rather than getting dizzy with the competition.

“I don’t see the similarity of products as competition. I recommend diligently monitoring at distribution locations,” said Dwi. “Even though there are many similar products in distribution locations, I don’t think it’s time for competition but collaboration,” said Dwi Karti Handayani, founder of Wedang Uwuh UMKM, by June 12, 2021. The UMKM is named Den Bagus. Dwi is speaking on an online seminar on the task activity in the commercial communication project management course at the Department of Communications, UII.

Dwi Karti was a speaker in a webinar on branding and product marketing during the pandemic, together with Den Bagus and eight projects. Eight Project is one of the creations of the students of the course. They choose Eight Project as the name.

“Who knows if we can’t meet the export demand, we can fulfill it by collaborating with other similar products,” added Dwi Karti. According to Dwi Karti, “For me, it’s unique in the packaging. Then, when people have repeated orders, we will talk about customer loyalty.”

This event uses a flash sale technique. Flash Sale encourages viewers to make direct purchases while getting discounted prices.

Flash sale Den Bagus and den ayu specifically for products with specific characteristics. Call it red ginger, which has higher properties, and ginger emprit, which is spicier.

In addition, there is also a processed product that is more popular during the pandemic, namely Wedang Uwuh Jakute. Jakute is an Indonesian abbreviation of ginger turmeric, temulawak or commonly called empon-empon in Indonesia. The combination of the benefits of empon-empon.

“This is the most sought after by buyers. There are friends whose products are sought by French buyers,” said Dwi Karti. “Our products are widely known abroad. There is a noni drink. My mother used this drink to take this and her back pain recovered,” She added, giving testimony.

According to Dwi Karti, these local products are essential and of high quality. For example, the Den Ayu noni product no longer smells bad. It is packaged instantaneously. Similar products also have a special drink (Wedang) product for red rosella. “Instant packaging and wrapping, the packaging is pressed so that it is not easily damaged,” She added.