Becoming a Hero Against the Corona Virus

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No one is affected by the year then, he stays at home patiently and hopes for his blessing, so he always gets a reward. If he also realizes that no one can be hit by tha’un other than because of Allah’s provisions, then that will be a way to get rewards from Allah as well. If he dies, he is a martyr.

Veby Novri Yendri, a doctor at UII Hospital and a lecturer at FK UII, cites one of the prophet’s hadiths which tells about the plague. Veby said Indonesian Muslims, especially academics at FPSB UII, should become heroes who help reduce the spread of the Covid-19 outbreak. The simplest way is to be disciplined in applying the 6M and 3T protocols. 6M consists of avoiding crowds, keeping distance, wearing masks properly, washing hands, getting enough rest, reducing mobility, and maintaining a healthy diet. In comparison, 3T stands for testing, tracing, and treatment.

“Hopefully we will be given instructions, and become heroes in the fight against COVID-19,” said dr. Veby Novri Yendri, Sp.THT-KL (FK UII) at the routine recitation of FPSB UII with the theme ‘Pandemic is getting stronger again: how to take care of yourself?’ on Friday, July 23, 2021.

Veby also suggested using cloth masks outside and surgical masks inside: double masks. This activity is an effort to anticipate the spread of the new type of Covid-19 virus mutation.

This time the Faculty recitation was held simultaneously with a prayer together. This prayer is for the big family of FPSB and family members to get healing for those who are sick and get husnul khotimah for those who have preceded.

According to Veby, as of Friday, July 23, 2021, the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 worldwide has reached 191 million. “In fact, last week 184 million. Meanwhile in Indonesia, up to three million cases were tracked, active cases were 561.384 thousand,” said dr. Veby explained the update of data on Covid-19 cases.

What if a confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis is confirmed? Make sure the air insulation location must be good. Sunlight should also be able to enter the room. Don’t lock yourself in your room, keep trying to get fitter and fitter. “Even when we accompany us in the village, we invite video calls and ask to be enthusiastic about moving. This is to ensure that people who are self-isolating are really fit,” said Veby telling his experience.

There is no specific cure for COVID-19.

In general, in principle, treat symptoms early. Although there is no specific drug for people exposed to corona, it can handle the symptoms appropriately. When these symptoms are treated quickly, they can be cured more quickly. Based on the advice of dr. Veby, people with covid symptoms should avoid ibuprofen because it can increase the rate of covid-19. Instead, use paracetamol or CTM for anti-histamine.

“If you have a mild cough, you can use what is usually available in pharmacies. Multivitamins C, D, and E,” suggested Veby.

What if you can’t get it?

“Such as not being able to get, the important thing is that nutrition and intake meet and feel better. Try to eat well if it’s easy for us.”

Veby said that at first, the coronavirus was considered mysterious pneumonia. Then later, a variety of unexpected symptoms appeared. Even in medical circles, the corona is also called ‘the thousand faces disease’ because of various symptoms. Symptoms most often occur in the upper to lower airways.

Lots of people are afraid and don’t understand how to deal with some mild symptoms at home. For example, how to remove post-exposed virus carcasses, as asked by one of the participants, Didin Syafaat, alumni of FPSB UII.

Veby said that the public could speed up the removal of virus carcasses by washing their noses with salt. “Washing is like an istinsyak when cleaning the nose during ablution. You can also see various guidelines about corona on the UII Hospital Youtube account,” added Veby. There are also other guides on the Youtube channel, such as getting enough oxygen by prostration. You should also always coordinate every four to six hours with health workers and primary health services in self-isolation.