What Will You Get in the International Program of Communication (IPC)

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IPC is known as the International Program of Communication. For IP students of the Department of Communication Science, the benefits that have been felt are the opportunity to get international relations from various countries, international activities and a variety of other international experiences. These are some of the things that are obtained by entering as an IPC student. In addition, the Exchange Student program also added interest during their stay at IPC. Such as adapting to new environments, skills, gaining relationships, and experiences. This was obtained through the Exchange Students Program, said Muthia Maharani, a student of UII Communication Science, from international program class, batch 2018.

Her experience studying at UII IP majoring Communication Science made Muthia have introductions to the Asian level. “Yesterday when we joined P2A (Passage to Asean), we were encouraged to do travel writing. It makes you acquainted with many people. My relationships have grown from Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, and also Malaysia,” said Muthia.

Muthia said that most students only rely on theory, but not at IPC. “When you enter IPC, you teach both theory and practice here,” she said, in a live instagram event by casual chat to get to know more about “what is IPC” on August 29, 2020. Muthia was guided by Muhammad Asadzikri, vice chairman of the UII International Program Forum of FBE (Fakultas Bisnis dan Ekonomika), sharing her experiences during study at IPC. Her presentation was broadcast on Live Instagram (IG) IPF UII.

For Muthia, presentation or skills of public speaking are mandatory things that must be mastered when entering the Communication Science program. Of course in practice it will not be perfect right away. We will learn together at IPC slowly but sure how to learn English to be fluent. As well as analyzing what deficiencies the International Program students at Communication Science have.

“At IPC, theory is given and we have to practice it immediately, that’s an important point,” said Asadzikri, the moderator of the IG live discussion. “Practicing presentations in English in class, writing with academic writing standards, those are kind of increases our confidence in using English,” continued Muthia.

One of the discussion participants also asked. Nervousness, stage fright, are also obstacles to learning public speaking, how to overcome them. Muthia said that overcoming this could not be done immediately. The process is precisely being taught at IPC. Frequent public speaking and presentations are one of the ways to be taught at IPC. Another key is to find a way to learn that is fun according to each individual. “Often learn to speak in public, practice it, from there the nervousness will disappear,” said Muthia.

Muhammad Asadzikri shared a similar view. That introverts are human nature. How to fight introverted feelings must be solved. “We are social creatures, public speaking is important, get rid of the feeling of being introverted.” Asadzikri added.


Author: Ridwan Ainurrahman, UII Communication Science Intern. Class of 2016

Editor: A. Pambudi W.