What ‘Value’ Should We Have After Graduating?

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The questions raised in the title above arose during a visit by UII Communication students to several companies in Jakarta. This question often arises when students graduate from campus and enter the wilderness of the world of work and professions. Institutions accepting UII graduates will ask questions and find out: what personal ‘values’ can contribute to building the institution we aim to work for?

This question was answered by several sources who attended the Communication Field Trip (CFT) held from 6 to 8 December 2022. On that occasion, the visit on the second day to Kompas Gramedia (KG) Media, UII Communication students from various generations, such as from the 2019 to 2022 batch, gained new experiences and lessons from various UII alumni who have also worked at KG Media. The alumni include Arrozi Effendi, class of 2010 (PR Manager from KG Media), Ridho Ilham, class of 2017 (Marketing Communication of KG Media), Atha Rahmaputra, class of 2017 (Video Content Specialist), Muhammad Diast Reyhan Rafif, class of 2017 (Community Kompas Daily Specialist), and F Rizaldi Revandi, class of 2017 (Digital Social Media Kompass TV).

The visit was wrapped in CFT at the KG Media Office. The students were invited to tour the major media offices in Indonesia. KG Media is a holding company engaged in various lines, such as Kompas book publisher, KG Properti, and Dyandra Promosindo, and also manages the Cinere-Jagorawi toll road. Apart from that, KG Media also has business units such as the Hotel Santika Group. “There is also a Rekata Studio at KG Media, which produced a penyalin cahaya film yesterday if my friends know,” said the MC to a KG Media representative. The KG Group also has a Campus at UMN and its Vocational Polytechnic.


Apart from that, KG Media is also building a digital ecosystem by building a fintech company. On the arts and culture side, KG Media has cultural heralds in several cities. “This is an intellectual asset built by our founders Pak Ojong and Jakob Oetama. Here, artists who have relations with cultural heralds sold their works for yesterday’s Cianjur Earthquake,” added the MCs.

In the next session, Arrozi, PR manager of KG Media, said that a company’s ability to survive is not enough in this era of disruption. “We not only have to survive, but also have to be leading in all sectors. We are the one leading in the media sector,” said Arrozi. “I deliberately present them as alumni friends, don’t be discouraged if friends from Jogja. It’s not that hard in Jakarta,” Arrozi added. Some of the alumni mentioned earlier then explained what their values ​​and contributions were to the development of their company.

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Photos: Yudi Winarto