Teatime # 10: The Spirit of Orientation Period and the Experiences of Communication IP Students of UII

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How is the experience of Communication IP class different from the regular class? What was the most memorable experience? Those are the questions that often arise. Responding to that question, Rasya and Daffa shared their experiences during lectures at UII IP communication. During the welcoming day last year, they met a number of study program staff, seniors, lecturers and foreign students.

Presentations and talks at the welcoming day were given in English. This activity is designed so that students can face the international environment. According to Daffa, at that time the lecturers explained what IPC was, as well as interesting little games. This atmosphere creates a strong relationship between them and the entire UII Communication academic community.

This is the conversation that surfaced in the talk show Teatime episode 10. On this occasion, Teatime took place as usual using live broadcasts via Instagram social media. On September 5, 2020, the theme raised was “Take a Peek at The Orientation Days with IPC Student 2019”. M. Daffa Athallariq from IP Communication (IPC) UII (Indonesian Islamic University), class 2019 guided by Rasya, class 2019 talked about the excitement of studying at UII IP Communications as it emerged at the beginning.

Besides the welcoming atmosphere during the welcoming day, the small class capacity also makes students focus more on lecture material. This also creates a culture that is close to lecturers, employees or fellow students. “We were close to lecturers, staff, and seniors even before starting to study at IPC,” said Daffa.

In addition, IPC students always open minded to make friends with non-IP communication students or students of other majors. The reason is of course because the scope of their activities is similar. Apart from the classrooms, the language of instruction is English and different perspectives. The perspective on the material must be seen with an international or global perspective. For example, there are subjects for basic writing, language improvement, and academic writing. Further information and details regarding IPC UII registration can be checked directly on Instagram @ ip.communication.uii. “You have to register quickly, because IP communication is very interesting,” said Rasya.

The interesting thing about being an International Program Student

In the first year, IP students will get an academic writing course with the APA Style reference. Do you have to be good at English at first? Certainly not. Through learning in IPC classes, students will learn about public speaking and basic language through practice. Like writing practice and public speaking. This will certainly help students. Every student has the opportunity to learn. They will learn the process of practicing English directly, said Daffa, “So that’s where learning at IPC feels very interesting!”

Another exciting thing, lecture facilities are also adequate. Complete equipment is available to support lecture practice and assignments. Lecturers have free time for students to ask questions about all things that are still confusing in class. Students can also help each other. With a global perspective learned in IP programs, there are many study opportunities around the world, as well as contacts around the world.

In addition, IPC also has courses that focus on video production. This course deals with film production which is in great demand lately. There are also P2A (Passage to Asean) programs, international seminars and other programs that provide scholarships. This unique experience can only be obtained at the IPC UII second node.

How to understand communication from a global perspective? Students can understand international phenomena by referring to international journals and references. Even though it was tough at first, at IPC they have a strong bond, so they often help each other when faced with various difficulties. Such as language difficulties, reading English journals, and other academic difficulties. “Lecturers are close to students, and there is a class agreement. That makes it easier for us at IPC,” continued Rasya.


Writer: Ridwan Ainurrahman, Communication Science Internship Student of the IPC UII, batch 2016.

Editor: A. Pambudi W