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All staff of the Communication Department were excited that morning. The Reason was They will get the new knowledge to be implemented for designing of the new Communication Department’s website for the Re-Accreditation. All website of the faculty at UII now have used content management system that are newest, faster, and easily accessible. There were two trainers from UII’s Public Relations Webmaster who would be there to accompany all the staff all day long. They are Rizka Ariyanto and Risky Falahiyah.

Rizka Ariyanto was presenting in front of the staff in the Training of Communication Department Website. That big and tall man was busy fiddling with his laptop. He were showing how to operate the dashboard of the website of the Communication Department. Communication Department is part of the Faculty of Psychology and Socio-Cultural Sciences (FPCS) of the Universitas Islam Indonesia (UII). “Don’t forget to fill out the Yoast section. This machine will help our sites to be searched easily by Google index and Google crawl,” Rizky said at the Website Training of the Communication Departments. SEO or Search Engine Optimizer allows websites to be tracked quickly by the Google search engine.

While She explained the slide on power point, some participants begin asking questions interactively.

For example, Zarkoni asks about the advantages of creating content with a wordpress CMS. Pambudi, the another participants, also asked how to optimize the website with Yoast SEO. While Risky explained, his colleague, Rizka Ariyanto, help the other participants. He accompanied other participants who did not understand how to upload with the new CMS. Previously, Communication Department still used Joomla Content Management System (CMS), not WordPress, as the basis for managing its website pages.

On Tuesday, March 5, 2019, Risky and Rizka were presenting as presenters of the FPCS UII Communication Department Website in the Primary Room of Communication Department. All of the Communication Department staff are attend this Website Training. Although the participants occasionally frowned on the terms of information technology (IT) that speakers told, but with the open minded and cool speaker, made the participants understand the lesson sooner or later.

Practice Makes Perfect

Moreover, the training also forced participants to practice directly with their laptops. Not only to train how to produce and upload the content, the UII’s web support team, from UII’s Public Relations,  also introduced new practices in website management at UII. This practices introduce the website team also to carry out routine maintenance. “UII’s web has a lot of visits, so many web visitors are vulnerable to hack. The only solution is to do maintenance and backup data just in case of hacker attacks,” said Ratna Permatasari,  Lecturer of Communication Department who is also Head of UII’s Public Relations.

The simplest basic tips and tricks shared by Rizka are actually simple. “The easiest way to anticipate the web hack is to update the plugins that provided by wordpress.  Don’t hesitate to update our passwords as regularly as possible. But yes, you don’t have to do it every day, isn’t it?” He said then laughing. Rizka closed the training with an advice to the site’s webmasters who will take care the website maintenance: backup your data routine and do web check regularly, Rizka said then.