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The Covid-19 pandemic is not an obstacle for us to learn. Various online media have supported us to stay productive, even if only at home. So, on August 7, 2020, the Communication Study Program at the Islamic University of Indonesia for the class International Program collaborated with Elsa Speak Indonesia to hold a workshop Building your Confidence with Enhancing the Public Speaking Skills.” Country Head ELSA SPEAK Indonesia, Yasser Muhammad Syaiful, had the opportunity to speak in this workshop. The two-hour seminar discussed how to improve English and speaking skills in public order to be competitive in work.

According to Yasser, quoted from the Future of Jobs Report, companies’ ability most often sought is communication, whether it’s interpersonal or mass communication. Yasser also believes that the ability to speak English is also essential. According to him, Indonesian people have a low capability to use English. Yasser argues that if we have good English skills, the higher the chances of getting a higher income. Moreover, English is an international language, and many companies need people proficient in using it.

“If we are not proficient in using English, we can lose 30% of our productivity and credibility. We could also lose 32% of international education or business opportunities. So friends now can understand how important public speaking and English are,” said Yasser via Zoom, Saturday (07/08/2021) yesterday.

In the discussion, Yasser opened a question about the reasons why Indonesians are afraid to use English. Fear of using grammar, wrong spelling, and lack of confidence were the reasons most mentioned by workshop participants. So it takes a strong foundation and motivation to be able to use English.

“Honestly, grammar myis still not correct. But I dare say. The matter of right and wrong is later. The important thing is that we have the courage to speak and want to learn,” Yasser said after reading the responses given by the participants.

Four Keys to Learning English

Before starting to learn English, we must know what motivates us to learn. Strong motivation is needed so that we can be consistent in learning. It’s because you want to get a good job or study in another country. Yasser suggests four keys to learn English.

The first key is to prepare a new learning strategy. Learning strategies must be following our learning abilities. Therefore, we must know how we learn. The second key is to familiarize yourself with English and Public Speaking. We can find this in our daily life. Either by listening to music or films in English so that we are familiar with English. Speaking in front of the mirror can also be done to get used to speaking English. Third, we must practice consistently. Without frequent practice, our brains will quickly forget the material we get. Yasser says we need continuous training so that our memory increases.

Then the last key is the evaluation of the various efforts made. Evaluate how the results and materials have been obtained or studied. Evaluation can be from yourself and others. Do not be afraid to ask for criticism and suggestions from others to know how far we can improve. We can also learn from the input of others. If it is still lacking, we must increase our efforts by studying harder. If we are already good, it would be better if it is maintained.

“The essence of learning is not immediately understanding. If we are not reminded again of the material that has been obtained, it will be lost or forgotten. An effective learning process is material that has been taught, repeated again. Don’t be surprised if you like to forget if you don’t repeat it consistently,” Yasser said to the workshop participants.

It’s hard to be consistent in spirit. However, in increasing morale, we must remember the reasons why we should learn English. Be it for your family or yourself. Of course, there is a phase of tiredness and boredom in learning. Therefore there must be self-reward to remain enthusiastic. Yasser said that we must know activities that can increase our enthusiasm for learning. For example, by taking a short break or playing with friends.

Ways to Be Confident in Speaking

Yasser said that although he has had many flying hours by being a speaker everywhere, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t do preparation and practice. He prepares the materials he will talk about and trains public speaking to present what he will speak. Previously, he noted down the framework of what things he would talk about.

“How good are you in presentation, practice and preparation. That’s one thing that can’t be left out. In fact, I’m presenting for now, I practice because I appreciate the type of small or large event. This is one of my processes to do my best,” said Yasser.

He also added that what we do also affects our presentation. For example, it can be blank, cold sweat, nervous, and so on. Yasser quoted Amy Cuddy, a speaker at the TED Talk, who said that great people who do public speaking or become speakers usually do power poses or poses that look strong and dominant. Research results show that doing power poses can increase our self-confidence. This is one of the tips so that we are fluent in public speaking.

Knowledge is power, but the character is more.

“Knowledge is important, but attitude or character is also important. Be careful, if our character or attitude is lacking, the knowledge we get can be turned upside down,” said Yasser.

According to him, we must also have a good attitude or character. There is a saying, “knowledge is power but character more.” That is, knowledge is power, but personality is more important. That is, if we do not have character, knowledge can be misguided. For that, Yasser advised us to have a good personality so that our knowledge can be more beneficial for ourselves and the community.