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The essence of writing activity news is the delivery of messages. Website content writers should meet the rules of news writing. If it meets these rules, the reader will easily understand the events or messages conveyed by the author.

“This 5w+1H writing rule must later be fulfilled in news writing,” said Pambudi, a speaker at the Website Content Production Training held in collaboration between the BnB Community and the Department of Communication UII Thursday (17/6) online. This training is a form of community empowerment for the UII Communication academic community.

Sumekar Tanjung, Head of the UII Department of Communication Laboratory, said in his remarks, the website is one of the essential elements in the community. The website exists to broadcast all community activities and profiles. The public becomes aware and knows the profile of the community.

Therefore, training is carried out to develop the capacity of managers Community website “Grateful & Sharing Group” or commonly called BnB. The BnB community is a place for families with children with disabilities. It becomes a forum for sharing, therapy, and self-development for families and communities with disabilities. BnB’s address is at the BnB Education Center in Kulon Progo.

This training is a continuation of the previous program, namely the production and building of a community website. The BnB education house website has now been established on the https://www.komunitasbnb.com/. In the future, the website will be managed by BNB management to broadcast activities and education for families with children with disabilities.

The presentation of the material this time uses an adult education approach. This approach believes that participants are not empty glasses. The facilitator believes that each participant has the experience and capital to share and learn, writing website content. 

Therefore, the facilitator invites the participants to analyze the elements of the news. The Analysis is through case studies of news that seasoned journalists have written. After that, participants apply that element in writing simple hard news.

Through this approach, this training resulted in five articles written by the participants. “We hope that in the future the training will not only stop at writing, but also practice maintaining the website for the sake of the institution’s existence,” said Puji Wahyuni, one of the participants and administrator of the BNB Education Center, Kulon Progo.