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Anniversary. Anniversary is always a momentum for reflection and projection. The same was done by the FPSB UII academicians at the peak of their 26th anniversary. Various achievements, appreciations, achievements, and lessons learned in the 26th FPSB Anniversary on Thursday (15/4/2021).

The 26th anniversary of the FPSB raised the theme “Being Creative and Productive in a Disruptive Era,” said Diana Rahma Qodari, the presenter. The Milad Agenda, based on the schedule of events, starts with the UII FPSB Development Report by the Dean of the FPSB UII-Fuad Nashori, Announcement of Achievement Award for FPSB UII students, Announcement of Achievement Award for FPSB UII Lecturers and Employees, and the General Studium.

On this occasion, several members of the Department of Communications’s family won awards. For example, Narayana Mahendra won 1st place for Lecturer Outstanding in UII’s FPSB Lecturer Achievement Award. Then Ida Nuraini Dewi KN won second place, and Puji Rianto won third place.

The Lecturer Achievement Assessment is based on the performance value of two semesters for each department. For example, Raden Narayana Mahendra Prastya has published many journal articles. In 2020, he published an journal article that discusses the events of terrorism in New Zealand and Sri Lanka entitled Framing analysis of government crisis communication in terrorist attacks (Case in New Zealand and Sri Lanka). Previously, he was also the UII FPSB Outstanding Lecturer in 2019.

Meanwhile, Ida Nuraini Dewi Kodrat Ningsih in 2020 was also active in writing. One of them is writing about media editorial policy in reporting on hajj in national journals. She also writes in a chapter in a book about covid-19 on a government website. Meanwhile, Puji Rianto, who won 3rd place, wrote many publications in journals and published a module that helped the lecture process with a module entitled qualitative research methods.

Not only lecturers, Department of Communication students also made interesting achievements. For example, Muthia Rahma Syamila, an student at the international program of Department of Communications who was rewarded with an award in the category of arts / creative works. Then the Academic Field Category award was given to a student named Ajeng Putri because of her high grade GPA.