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In order to welcome all of you as the new IPC family, We present an event entitled Academic & Study Skill. This event is still included in the series of welcoming to the all of 2020 IPC students.

This Academic & Study Skill event is held to help IPC new students as a provision of how to adapt to the college life and as a preparation for you to become a global future leader.  This series of Academic & Study Skill events will be filled by @hermanfelanitandjung . The program will be divided into two days which start from 3 – 4 October 2020. Per each day we will be having different topics and these are the topics that will be carried out at this year’s Academic & Study Skills:

1. How to be Global Student in the time of Pandemics
2. Global Experience And Global Skills As Future Global Leaders

In addition, there will be briefings from the UII Learning Center.  This series of events is mandatory for new IPC students in 2020 and is open to IPC students of 2018 & 2019 class.

So prepare yourself, don’t miss this event because we’ll be having a good time and getting a lot of insightful information.

See you IPC Friends!

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To Start Your Academic Writing, first to do is doing mapping of your idea. The idea or the topic should be clear and new. Clear and new means your idea is not ambiguous, have a clear goals, and see the problem precisely. What is the problem, what is the solution, and no one already write it before. Mapping and brainstorming the topic or issues is the key for academic writing. Understanding and interest of the subject are also the key, indeed. We will see a lot of difficulties when those keys are not ready on our mind.

Those tips are some of what have discussed at evening Teatime Talkshow on August, 7th, 2020. This talk show was aired on International Program Instagram TV (ip.communication.uii). Krisal Putra, Communication Science Student of UII batch 2016, have already shared those tricks on behalf his experience as presenter on international conference before. But, were those thins the only tips that he shared?

On this sixth edition talk show, as usual, Ida Nuraini, the secretary of International Program of Communication of UII, guided the talk show. She asked Krisal what else the tips for doing academic writing on international conference same as Krisal’s.

“Beside mapping the issues, the outline of the idea or research subject also important,” Krisal answered. He also said that we should do a lot of discussion, idea brainstorm, and also make writing often.

Krisal said lecturer on our campus have an critical roles to improve our academic writing too. “What is the specific role?” asked Ida.

Lecturers and professors should encourage student to engage with academic culture. When someone have engaged with academic culture, it will make them write academic writing easily. “You should have a clear title or subject to write,” said Krisal. A lecturer also should give an opportunity to students to have a good habit of writing like what IP Communication done before.

Krisal continued that we’d better not start from an empty idea.

Make sure you already have a good understanding with the research concept. You can not go into research writing without any research concept and idea. If you have no idea what to write, your Lecture will face a big difficult to guide you,” said Krisal.

Ida also shared what she got on everyday life of academic writing class. As a lecture of journalism subject, Ida always face the reality of students’ academic culture: have no idea to write. Both of Krisal and Ida agreed that student should start writing with what they are good at and like.

Like what Krisal have done before, He have an interest on environment issues. So He were start his academic writing that should present on international conference with environment issues. “From that issues, we can improve and develop it into many different academic writing format and style,” said He then.

Beside learn from Krisal’s experience, You also could learn to write with Lindstroom’s tips here. Lindstroom were speaking about tips to write academic writing on international journal. She spoke in front of a lot of participants of International Conference that held by UII Communication Science Department.