FPCS UII Anniversary: ​​To Make Prayers Heard

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Why do prayers often go unanswered? How to make it easier for prayers to have the possibility of being answered? These questions often arise in every human effort to pray to the divine. Sometimes people don’t know when their prayers will be answered and how their efforts and endeavors can produce the expected results.

Imam Mujiono, a lecturer, said at the FPSB UII Grand Recitation, expressed the same thing in the context of the 27th Milad of FPCS UII. The event, which was held on Saturday, May 28, 2022, occupies at the FPCS UII Mosque, which has just been renovated for three days. This recitation program was conducted in a hybrid way (online via Zoom and Youtube broadcast live by UII Communications Department, Online TV “Ikonisia TV” and offline at the Mushola).

Ud’uuni astajib Lakum (Almu’min: 60) and Fal Yastajibuu lii wa Yu’min Billah (Al Baqarah: 186). If you want prayers to be heard, the key is to follow this verse of Allah,” said Imam Mujiono, a Lecturer in the Program Islamic Religious Education Studies, Faculty of Islamic Studies, UII.

According to Imam, people often want something but do not understand why prayer does not come true. “Even though the SOP in Islam is clear. If you want something, pray to me,” said Imam. “The word ‘me’ is referring to Allah. Not referring to the magician, not to shamans, not to superiors, etc.”

Then the next thing is to carry out the commandments of Allah. Each order, according to Imam, means SOP (Standard Operational Procedure). “Follow the SOP. If you want to make a stall that sells well, make an SOP so that people are interested in coming,” said Imam. The stalls should be clean, and the service should be polite, the prices are cheap, and don’t forget to ask Allah, the owner of the fortune, not the traditional healer or shaman, said Imam.

Then after that, humans are asked to believe and believe in the provisions of Allah. “So, pray that don’t hesitate to Allah. You must be sure that You will achieve everything you ask to God,” he added.

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