Examining Life’s Pitstop Series Towards the Hereafter Orientation 

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The end of the year is like a series of pit stops. There must be times when we stop. Perspective as a Muslim, life as a series of milestones. There are certain moments as a Muslim for reflection.

“For example, we have a special month, namely the month of Ramadan. There we can perform worship. Then Allah multiplies the reward. There is a night of lailatul qodar, there is a warning of Nuzulul Quran. So there are momentum in Islam,” said Dr. Harry B Santoso S.Kom, M.Kom (Lecturer at the Faculty of Computer Science, University of Indonesia) in a routine study of #ngajikomikasi on Saturday (12/12). This time #ngajikomikasi raised the theme End of Year 2020 Reflection guided by Subhan Afifi, UII Communication Lecturer.

Harry added, for example, if there are days, there are also special days. He gave an example, Friday is the day of gathering. On Friday, the Muslims gather and listen to the preacher. “From a social perspective, of course there is no mechanism for Muslims to gather. But with Friday prayers Muslims gather and listen to messages from the preacher, and that’s where the Islamic community is built spiritually,” said Harry.

For him, the life series of a Muslim becomes a series. Humans have milestones. There are milestones for important events that we can see from a daily perspective. “Or we can see it monthly, or annually. For example, it could be like what we do now, reflecting the end of the year,” said Harry.

How should you live in the world? What a guide for reflection on life during the year. “The mental attitude of the Muslims, ideally, even though their feet stand in the world, their views are far ahead, to the final goal, namely jannah, or heaven,” explained Harry explaining the ideal mental attitude of a Muslim as a guide to self-assessment.

“This is what we need to reflect on that a Muslim should be a traveler, and the end of his journey is the hereafter,” he added.