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“You are better apprenticed to community media, to be a creator, a planner. Instead of an internship in a large industry but to be a photocopier or clipper who has far-reaching communication skills.”

The three people who have been waiting for sharing their experiences in the professional job are now sitting at the front desk of the UII Auditorium. The three people are expert practitioners who will amaze their professional stories in front of hundreds of students at UII’s FPSB Communication Department. To mention from left, the youngest, is a professional broadcaster from UNISI Radio, Syarif or commonly called Acil’s as his radio name. Then beside him, there was Sigit Raharja, from Diskominfo Kulon Progo, and Ir. Riyanto, MM. Secretary of Community Empowerment and Child Protection Department of Yogyakarta Government.

All three explain the same thing: if you want to get into the world of work, the key is perseverance, want to learn, and believe in yourself. Acil for example said, even though now people often say the world of radio is approaching the twilight, but he rejects it. It was precisely the words of people about his work in the world of broadcasting that made him even more challenged and convinced that the world of radio would still live. People only change the medium, for example there is sound-cloud, there are podcasts, there are radios that can be accessed via the internet. So, perseverance and enthusiasm for learning are the key to facing digital developments in the world of work. Similarly, said Sigit Raharja and Riyanto from the regional government in DIY.

On that occasion, 5/4/2019, at the FPSB UII Auditorium, Anang Hermawan, Lecturer in Communication Department at UII, also gave a brief description of the implementation of the internship as a graduation requirement at the FPSB UII Communication Department.

Today, the this activity titled “Provisioning and Internship Preparation” was joined by dozens of Communication students in the class of 2015 who would start doing an internship.

“It used to be called KKK (Communication Work Lecture), which was held before the thesis. Now it has become an apprenticeship, and is carried out after the thesis is finished,” Anang said.

“The goal is to work on a thesis more seriously. Then you can enter the practical world,” he said. Anang explained, this was one of the three marrow bones of the UII Communication Department. “Our bone marrow is scientific research, academic/ knowledge, and practical,” he explained.

The concept of an communication department’s internship such as like this intends to actualize academic & practical competence. Internships are also an arena for realizing social competence (soft skills).

According to Mutia Dewi, one of the lecturers of Empowerment Communication expertise, now this communication department student can take advantage of the cooperation that has been established between Communication Department with more than 10 partners from government agencies, the private sector, creative industries, NGOs, community media, and others.

These partners such as the Office of Governance, KOMPAS TV, the Office of Women’s Empowerment, Konner Digital Asia, Diskominfo Kulon Progo, UNISI Radio,, X-Code Films, Cinema, Cornellia CO, INFEST Yogyakarta,, UNIICOMS TV, Metro TV, NET TV, BPPTKG, Mafindo, Narasi TV, Combine Resource Institution, Public Relations of DIY Government, Culture Office of Yogyakarta Government, and others.