Doing Research Before Making a Podcast

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Research is essential in the production of creative content. Research determines how strong your podcast content will be. Creative ideas will also come naturally when podcast content research is done. This includes researching other people’s podcast content.

At least, there are five tips for researching to make your podcast content unique and exciting. “First, determine what content you want to present and who the source is,” said Tri Rizal Ghofur, Content Creative at Narasi TV  in 2018 – 2020, on Tuesday, August 31, 2021.

Ghofur is a speaker in the Webinar Series “Is it important for research in Podcast Interviews?” This webinar event with Ghofur is the 2021 Inspiring Content Festival (FKI) Series of Events. Uniicoms TV held this second year of FKI, the first online TV at UII, to produce quality and inspiring content in cyberspace.

Ghofur, the man who is also a Producer at Lemonilo, said that apart from determining the sources, we also have to read all the articles about potential sources to talk to in the podcast content. “This is important so that our content becomes unusual content,” said Ghofur, Tri Rizal Ghofur’s nickname. The second tip, said Ghofur, is to watch all the videos about the potential sources. In this way, we will also get enlightenment from the source.

Then, the fourth tip, said Ghofur, is, “chat with people closest to the source.” According to Ghofur, from the chat with the resource person, he hopes to find ideas and words that can be used as creative packaging content with the resource person.

It is also worth trying the last tips from Ghofur and for example, following and tracking the social media content of the source. From here, chat material for podcasts can become more prosperous and, indeed the material for hosts so as not to run out of chat issues.

In conclusion, Ghofur gives brief tips from starting to maintaining interesting podcast content. “Just tell me about something very close, and don’t think about using a good tool, just use a cellphone,” said Ghofur. Of course, the podcast’s producer must research the topic you want to talk about first. Then lastly, and most importantly, consistently produce content.