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Plagiarism, in academic world, is a disgraceful thing. Plagiarism is when someone is presenting someone else’s work or idea. Even plagiarism is an embarrassing thing to do in academic work; plagiarism is often done by scholars.  

Knowing that plagiarism is often done by students on their academic works, Department of Communication of Universitas Islam Indonesia (UII) has been promoting Anti-plagiarism since 2015. On every subject, mid-test, final test, and Thesis are always checked whether plagiarism or not. This plagiarism checking is an effort to reduce plagiarism on student academic works.

Nowdays, the number of plagiarism in Department of Communication of Universitas Islam Indonesia is decrease time to time. Putri Asriyani, plagiarism checker, in Department of Communication said plagiarism checking has made students more careful in citing on their academic work. “Before conducting this plagiarism checking, many students cited from weblog by copy-pasting the articles, but now they didn’t,” said Asriyani.

Nowdays, their academic works show that many students begin to avoid plagiarism. No copy-pasting an article from sites. Even though, plagiarism is still happen just because of nescience of an appropriate way to cite. “Now, what still happen is just they don’t know the appropriate way to cite according to the plagiarism guidelines,” said Asriyani.   

Written by Sulistiyawati