Dare to Take International Internship: International Network and Culture Extence Facing

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How was Rini Asmiyati’s original story exploring the world of international communication practice in Jaipur India?

Rini Asmiyati, UII Communication student of 2015, did an internship for one month at an international institution. Its location in Jaipur, India. For some people, it is an extraordinary achievement. A lot of experience and international network gained. However, not many people know that the processes and stages that won’t be easy to pass without willingness of hard work.

Initially, Rini Asmiyati registered at AIESEC UGM. She sent his CV to enter the screening process. If the process is smooth, applicants at AIESEC will be selected for an exchange participant mentor / EPM, an experienced companion who helps with the internship process or social projects.

“EPM will help us with what kind of location and place of ownership. From the start until we return to Indonesia. This really helps us. We will also be interviewed by the local committee at UGM, then interviewed by AIESEC children in Jaipur, India,” said Rini on the talkshow. The 16th series of Teatime by the UII Communication program IP (international Program) on Friday (16/10).

After the interview process was completed, then Rini was assigned to the selected company. Then been interviewed once again by the company. According to Rini, be a partof  AIESEC global entrepreneur program needs to be prepared in advance, it is necessary to prepare time because the process is quite complicated. “But don’t be afraid, confused or what, you will be assisted by the AIESEC children and they are really helpful,” consoled Rini later.

Long story short, Rini became a digital promotion service at an educational institution in Jaipur, India. Rini’s duties include being the admission team. Every day she has to be on duty starting from Google Analytics, Facebook ads manager, to social media and advertising.

Rini’s suggestion, adjust the educational background with the internsnhip place. This functions so that you don’t have trouble when you get a job description. According to Rini’s experience, photography and public speaking are highly tested there. “There because I documented their activities, I also used public speaking when we were marketing admissions there. I learned something about Search Engine Optimization / SEO, Facebook Ads Manager, Google Analytics and Advertising,” recalls Rini.

Various obstacles also arise. “Everything is not going smoothly, of course,”she said. For example, said Rini, “first is, indian accent. It is kinda hard to understand. There is a working partner who doesn’t speak English. That’s a language barrier,” he said.

However, Rini was grateful for Indian culture, which she thought was extraordinary and very helpful for foreigners like herself. “In India, guests are very appreciated. Guests are helped. So many people want to help me. My place is a business school. I also help them, I am also close and help me,” said Rini.

She feels various benefits from the process of international internships, “for example getting professional experience, international networks, cultural expansion, exploring cities that you visit traveling, including exploring the city and traveling at the same time,” she said.